Arise 13

Dare Designs has been incredibly busy with a recent  rebuilt and expansion of the store. To celebrate Dare Designs is having a week long event bringing in the New Year. January 1st through January 7th you can find some incredible promotional items at a great price. Games, prizes, sales, freebies and a great deal of fun will help bring in 2013!
One of the new items marking the Arise 13 Event is a beautiful special limited edition outfit appropriately named Arise 13. For further information
 Skin: Dare Designs - Amaranth
Outfit: Dare Designs - Arise 13 (limited time only)
 Necklace: Dare Designs - Flurry "Naughty"

Necklace: Dare Designs - Flurry "Nice"
 Necklace: Dare Designs - Solstice "Yule"

12 things i learned in 2012

2012 was a sort of "re-birth" year for me.  there were many ups and downs throughout the year but i'm happy to say i'm ending the year on a high note.  i'm happier than i've been in a long time and i can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for me.  i'm ready to continue on my path to loving me and fulfilling all my goals and dreams.  

here are 12 things i learned in 2012 ...

1. the only person who matters most in my life is myself.  putting me first is never a bad thing.  i am my number one priority and that will never change.  my happiness comes first. 

2. work / life balance is important.  leave work at work.  there's no need to stress about what's going on at work when i'm not there.  enjoy time off with friends and family, they are more important.

3. kindness matters.  always be kind to the people around you, even if they don't necessarily deserve it.  lending a helping hand to someone who you just want to punch in the face goes a lot further than giving them a black eye ever will.

4. set aside me time.  doing things for myself - even little things like a solo coffee date or a trip to the movies - make all the difference in the world.  enjoy my time alone to recharge and regroup.

5. family is family.  no matter the trials and rough patches, they will always be there for me.  learn to look past the "negative" and focus on the positive of the relationships.  love them for who they are.

6. friends are important and staying in contact with them is a valuable thing.  

7. never underestimate a new haircut and color.  as much as i may not want to spend the money on it, it will always make me feel like a new person.  i always deserve to look my best. 

8. saving money feels good.  knowing that my money is going towards school, my car and other important things is more satisfying than spending it on cheap clothes and coffee.  but, don't ever hesitate to treat myself if i need to. 

9. when i start to get sick, i need to stop.  i have to take better care of myself and know when to put on the brakes.  going a million miles an hour is fun, but not when it ends with a day or two spent sick in bed.

10. celebrate the little accomplishments.  got a raise?  i'll drink to that!  an A on an exam?  pick up that cd i've been wanting.  celebrating the little things keeps me motivated to accomplish the big things.

11. online classes suck.  i learn more in class and feel more fulfilled by what i'm learning.  from now on, no more online classes.  they do nothing for me. 

12. it doesn't hurt to ask for help.  going to therapy was the biggest reason i have been able to overcome my past and look brightly towards my future. 

i can't wait to see what lies ahead on my journey.  so many things to look forward in 2013, lots of goals and dreams to accomplish and lots of wishes that i hope i can make come true. so, bring it on, 2013, i'm ready!

desexámosvos un feliz feliz ano!
esperámosvos tamén no pró
imos recibilo con moitas ganas!!

influenster holiday voxbox 2012 (a vlog!)

Baby elephant

Baby elephant by sevensheavendotcom
Baby elephant, a photo by sevensheavendotcom on Flickr.

Baby elephant toy figure concept.


Lucky 2013- Happy New Year!

© Holly DeWolf- Happy New Year! 

All the best in the new year- hope it's a lucky 13! 

Nose Job

Wow. $15G's for a nose job? Geeez. Here's an alternative!

friday's fancies: ringin' in the new year!

hi friends! happy friday! i hope you had a wonderful christmas with your loved ones, full of good times and great company.  are you looking forward to new year's eve?  truth be told. i've never been a huge fan of nye.  maybe because it always gets so built up and never seems to live up to all the hype.  but, i can tell you one thing, if i had something like this to wear, i would most definitely be excited for nye this year! 

i like the idea of wearing white or a bright color for nye.  it seems like everyone tends to wear black or darker colors, but why not ring in the new year with something bright - a bight and bold color for a bright and bold new year!  with flashy ear rings and a show stopping clutch, this nye ensemble is simple and sophisticated, and perfect to enjoy some champagne in this new years!

nye 2013

do you have any fun plans for new years eve? 
i'd love to hear what you have planned!

Happy Holidays!

John & Keri.

We love our Squam lake and our Rockywold-Deephaven Camps even more. This is where Mr.D. and I met 10 years ago and this place will always have a special place in our heart. This is the place where we also met John at the same time and we had the honor to be guests at his wedding. Meet two great people... John and Keri. John is a proud owner of his own brewery squam-brewing and just to let you know about Keri's qualities... she made the beautiful wedding cake.
Milujeme naše jazero Squam a náš  Rockywold-Deephaven Camps ešte viac. Toto je miesto kde sme sa pred 10 rokmi Mr.D a ja stretli a miesto ktoré bude mať u nás vždy špeciálný význam.  Tu sme tiež tom čase stretli Johna a samozrejme nám bolo cťou ked' sme boli pozvaní na jeho svadbu pri jazere Squam samozrejme. Zoznámte sa s Keri a Johnom, z dvoma najlepšími ľudmi. John je hrdý majitel pivovaru squam-brewing a Keri tiež nezaostáva v kreativite...  nádherná svadobná torta je jej príspevok. 

insta // lately

just some things that have been goin' on, via my iphone

meet daliene!

hi guys!  meet daliene, one of my fabulous sponsors!  her blog is sweet and fun, just like her, and i'm so happy to have her here to share a little bit about herself.  be sure to head over to her blog and say hi!

Hi Everyone! I'm Daliene and I blog about life around the Alamo City, and the adventures I have here in Texas. I'm a teacher by day, and a runner, baker, crafter, design lovin, doggy momma the rest of the time. While I am not new to blogging (I started this blog in 2004 when living in Costa Rica), Alamo Adventures is still a baby! Everybody loves babies right? I hope you'll stop by and find something that makes you smile!

if you'd like to sponsor eat, drink, be a tourist, check out my sponsor page.  i'm offering 25% off all ad spots for the holidays with code "holidays25" ... so, what are you waiting for?