Obey + Simpsons = Dope

What happens when Shepard Fairey and Matt Groening start working together? ... Indeed ... Dope! Exclusive for Urban Outfitters.


Four Tet 'Lion' (Jamie xx Remix)

I like!!!!!!!

The Boxing Lesson 'Better Daze'

I like the video. Animated and directed by Eric Power.

The Residents 'Harry The Head'

Just because it's Halloween.

Halloween Dude!

Happy Halloween! My blog.

Trick Or Treat

Or let's rot ...

Stop-motion by Erica Luke. Sound (well done!) by Matthew Perryman.

Rot from Erica Luke on Vimeo.

Happy Halloween !

Happy Halloween !

what makes me happy

these days i've been trying to focus on what makes me happy, what i'm looking forward to, and all the great things going on in my life.  staying positive is a big challenge sometimes, and having a list of all the little things that put a big smile on my face reminds me of all i have to be thankful for.  and what better way to say goodbye to october and hello to november than with a happy list?!  thanks to lauren for the fantastic idea!

random texts from friends that make me laugh
peppermint white mochas
mornings spent sleeping in
celebrating birthdays
big bowls of buttery popcorn
oversized sweaters and leggings
a clean car
crock pot chili
pumpkin cupcakes
grocery shopping
planning a holiday happy hour
nights in la
my tuesday night drives to san diego
good grades
hugs from good friends
magic mike
girls nights 
thanksgiving feasts
an organized to do list
country music
halloween candy
finding new ways to wear my clothes
my mom surprising me by doing my laundry
my promotion
polka dots
black cherry sparkling water
random texts from my brother
taking control of my life
knowing what i need
in n out
my family
san clemente
a summer evening on the beach
feeling fulfilled in life

what makes YOU happy?

The Humping Pact

A nice project, but

"“The Humping Pact is a suspended act of affirmative persistence. Using only two bodies multiplied across various landscapes, we attempt to create an aesthetic meditation on the human desire to believe in the futile and to conceive the impossible. Our coming together is a tribute to dysfunctional spaces that still emanate creative potential. We attempt to build an intimate and personal relationship with space and its architecture in the most efficient way, being loyal to its demands and dedicated within our efforts. We want to celebrate the human body that is convulsed by the desire to disseminate, conceive, and inspire”."

is a bit too woolly for me. It's just dry-fucking.

There's even a The Humping Pact supporter community.


The Humping Pact: Copenhagen mission from DA on the spotlight on Vimeo.

Words On Pictures

Very nice words on pictures by Shahir Zag.


Slo Mo Skateboard

Very nice. Nick Midwig got his hands on a Phantom HD GOLD for a few hours and went out with Spencer Brown to shoot some skateboarding.

Phantom Camera Skateboarding from Nick Midwig on Vimeo.

Ai Weiwei Gangnam Style

This is cute. Ai Weiwei going Gangnam Style.


Short animation Heart by Erick Oh. I love. Beautiful animation, beautiful story.

HEART from Erick Oh on Vimeo.

Bling Bling Chicks

Expensive chickens. Is this animal abuse?

"“Luxury Chicks” is a fashion photo series by Peter Lippmann that features some very posh chickens. Lippmann created the series for Marie Claire magazine."


Greetings From Nowhere

Greetings From Nowhere, a series of inappropriate greeting cards by Safwat Saleem. See his project also on Kickstarter.


This is so cool! Be a DJ with a marker.

"DYSKOGRAF is a graphic disk reader. Each disc is created by visitors to the installation by way of felt tip pens provided for their use. The mechanism then reads the disk, translating the drawing into a musical sequence."

Dyskograf from Jesse Lucas on Vimeo.

iPad Mini Parody

Apple iPad promo spoof written by John Elerick. True ... and funny.

Empty Subway Stations In NY

Never saw something like this before ... thank you Sandy :s.


Voter Apathy

Tales Of Mere Existence about not voting.

Eclectic Desires is having a Halloween Hunt!

Eclectic Desires Halloween Hunt!

In honor of the Halloween season, Favole & the Eclectic Desire's crew is hosting a little Halloween Hunt! A select group of designers have hidden one to three skulls in a devious little maze. Each skull is only $L10 and has one or more lovely goodies inside!

Here's a pic of the skull you are hunting for:


And here is a link to the maze (in case you just can't wait to get started!): Slurl to the hunt maze!
ALL of the skulls are hidden in the maze! No need to go anywhere else :D


from ... Favole!

__{Favole}__ Disdain __{Favole}__ Gun Powder __{Favole}__ Skinny

from ... .{Rue}.!


from ... CoLLisions!

._CoLL_. Benediction of Darkness Necklace ~ EDHH Hunt Item

from ... De Baza

De Baza Texture - Hunt - Halloween @ Favole

from ... Demotik

DemotiK_EDHH_  skelly jeans DemotiK_EDHH_ Halloween Ed -Neyran's Boots

from ... House of Knots!

!!!!H.O.K The Needle loves you
"The Needle Loves You" collar
things on my mind
"Things on My Mind" headdress

!!!!H.O.K Always hold me
"Always Hold Me" headdress

from ... Hysteria

~._.Hysteria._.~ Evil cross ~._.Hysteria._.~ Bones

from ... Kre-ations

beauty seeker horns vendor Eyes reversal orange disobey blood v tee  for edhh mesh dungareee spooky pack wine v for edhh

from ... Mystic Canvass

[Mystic Canvass]-EDHH-Veinita-Skin-Exclusive

from ... Souzou Eien haunted portraits 1
Souzou Eien - EDHH no.1: Haunted Portraits
"Haunted Portraits" art
Souzou Eien - EDHH no.2: Crystal Ball
"Crystal Ball" tells your future!
Souzou Eien - EDHH no.3: Doom Skull
"Doom Skull" tells your doom!
Happy Halloween Hunting!