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come check me out over here today where i'm answering some pretty tough questions ... like what's the weirdest song i know all the lyrics to .... you'll never guess what the answer is!

fridays fancies: beachy chic

well it's already half way through the day ... but happy friday!  the weather here is amazing and ive been trying to soak up the sun as much as possible.  that's the best cure for a cold, right?  well, that's what ive heard, anyways.  

today's fridays fancies is all about beach chic, perfectly fitting for the weather here in so cal right now.  the beaches are packed and people are coming from all over to spend the day in the sand.  i can just imagine rockin' this sweet combo to the beach and then to happy hour on the pier for an ice cold corona and some fish & chips.  talk about the perfect outfit for the perfect day.  i'm a huge fan of the high-low skirts and i can't get enough of this fabulous turquoise blue color!  the printed top adds a bit of edge to the ensemble, it's like the magic touch!  

beachy chic

New Site

At long last, I've updated my site! walterkrudop.com

you may say i'm a dreamer

have you ever really thought about what your dreams are?  what you hope to accomplish in your life?  the things you want, lust for, long for ... the types of special events you hope happen or the type of feelings you dream about having one day.  

lately, i've found myself thinking about my dreams more.  different things i hope to accomplish and what my ideal career, living location and even significant other might be like.  there's something about dreaming that can make even the toughest days seem a little bit easier.  

sometimes, i try to talk myself out of my own dreams.  tell myself that something like that will never happen or that i'm not on the right path to accomplish that.  it's easy to do.  it's easy to just float along, let things happen in my life instead of making things happen in my life.  right now, i'm in a funny place.  i haven't graduated college but am not taking any classes until the fall, i have a job but it's not one i want to turn into a career, i live at home and am not financially independent yet.  sometimes, i feel like i have so much working against me that i just, in a way, surrender.

but, then there are the times when i just get this sense of strength.  like i want to take over the world.  and that's when i know that i can accomplish everything i dream of accomplishing.  i want to be successful in a crazy career, i want to live in paradise, and i want to have a family of my own.  and you know what?  it's all going to happen, i know it.  maybe not tomorrow, or this year, or even in the next five.  but, it will.  it will because i'm a hard worker, i'm strong, and i'm a dreamer. 

"don't let your dreams, be dreams"
- jack johnson -

Dreams Be Dreams by Jack Johnson on Grooveshark

treat yourself with #EclosBeauty skin care

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of éclos Skin Care. All opinions are 100% mine.


hi guys! today i want to share a new-to-me beauty product that is is making waves in skin care.  there's no better time to start caring for your skin, if you don't already, than now.  the better you care for it, the longer it will look young and wrinkle free.  i mean, i don't really know anyone who is excited about wrinkles and saggy skin, do you?  well, to try prolong the inevitable as long as possible, you should add éclos Skin Care to your "must try" for skin care.


éclos Skin Care features Apple Stem Cells extracted from a rare Swiss apple which have shown tremendous ability to stimulate skin stem cells, encouraging aging skin to behave like younger skin. Plant extracts, vitamins and anti-oxidants combine with the Apple Stem Cell technology to help minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and tired skin.

they have many different products and even offer a kit that includes the following éclos Skin Care products:

  • Facial Cleanser Skin Prep: Extends Skin Cell Longevity, Gently Purifies Pores, Primes For Treatment
  • Cellular Activator Face Serum: Regenerates Skin Cells, Rehabilitates Aging Skin, Resists Further Damage
  • Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream: Awakens Cell Renewal, Brightens Dull Skin, Reduces Line And Wrinkles
  • Restorative Eye Cream: Slow Signs of Aging, Firms Delicate Skin, Reduces Fine Lines
  • Instant Radiance Facial Scrub: Activates Cell Renewal, Removes Dull, Dry Skin Cells, Improves Texture and Tones
  • Skin Renewal Clay Mask: Restores Youthful Texture, Absorbs Dirt and Impurities, Tightens and Reduces Pores

they all sound so interesting with different perks and promises.  i think the clay mask and facial scrub might be the first two on my own “must buy” list.  i just feel like my skin would be all kinds of fresh and new after using them!  plus, éclos Skin Care is available at most local retailers (like target & walgreens) and also online for a fraction of the cost of other products of this caliber.  nothing like starting to fight those stinkin’ wrinkles now, right?


Visit Sponsor's Site

Hard and Soft 03

Hard and Soft 03. Lunchtime sketch. Illustrator, Photoshop and hand-drawn textures.

just some bits and pieces

i don't really have much to write about today.  most of my free time has been spent sleeping to try to get rid of this cold that somehow decided to takeover my body.  but, there are some things that are on my mind, and i thought i'd share them with you all today.

looking forward to:
- my cousins wedding in august & the 2 little ones that are inside her belly that i can't wait to meet
- first friday next week in venice beach with some of my best girls. la, you aren't gunna know what hit you after we show up
- a labor day weekend surprise from my bff.  i'm on pins and needles.
- hopefully finishing my gallery wall in my bedroom.  i'm on the hunt for the perfect prints (that one above just might make the cut)
- my bff kai moving to orange county.  i'm selfishly so happy just because it means more hang out time for us.
- having the next two days off. hallelujah.  

thinking about:
- trying to get my health under control so i can get back to kicking ass and taking names.
- all the fun things that continue pop up for this summer.  my calendar is filling up and i like it.
- where my blog is headed.  i feel like my life isn't exciting enough for people to be excited to read my blog.  but, i guess that's what makes this blog real.  the ups and downs of life.  not always rainbows and unicorns.

lusting over:
- some new summer shades.  maybe a bag or two.  ok, ok, i just really want to go shopping.
- a car wash and detailing.  not having to do it myself would be fabulous
- vacations! i have a bad case of travel fever right now.

wishing for:
- my opportunity for promotion to go smoothly and successfully
- success with my new ventures to take control of my happiness
- the discipline to stick to me new saving plan & financial responsibilities

what's on your mind this wednesday?

Hard and Soft 02

Hard and Soft 02. Lunchtime sketch. As a point of record I should note that these are started in Illustrator and finished in Photoshop. Textures are hand drawn by myself.

Exotic Beauty

Blue Blood's Alia and Flora
Frippery and Ode

Two more gorgeous Petites releases by Blue Blood.
Ghanima's Petite Alia and Flora are exotic and gorgeous, with beautiful details throughout.

Alia includes a uniquely cut bodysuit paired with gloves and stockings to match,
with detailed lines and textures throughout the front and back of the clothing.
The skirt has very detailed and carefully placed textures on every prim that
come together to make a lovely, larger overall pattern.

Flora has a black lace corset style top complimented with lace stockings and gloves.
It is paired with a beautiful long red and black skirt accented with
sculpted roses as well as rose details on the textures throughout the entire outfit.

I have paired the outfits with Gospel Desire Ankle Boots in Black.
They have a texture change option for the metal with a choice of silver or brass,
and the silver matches especially well with Blue Blood's Petite Alia.
Gospel's shoes are of very high quality and well scripted with an extensive menu.
This set is Mesh sized for default avatars, and includes a Rigged and Non-Rigged Pair.
As with most of Gospel's shoes, I was easily able to size them down through their menu.
They are also copyable and include a lag-free, script deleting option within the menu.

The Jewelry Set I am wearing is Frippery's Petite Faerie Queene in Red and Gold.
It includes a necklace, circlet, bracelet, and earrings.
It is very detailed, gorgeous, and matches the outfit beautifully.
 I had the special edition color of this set from the Fantasy Faire,
and as soon as I got Blue Blood's Flora, I knew I wanted the Red Set as well to match.
When I went to pick it up, I was stunned by the beauty of Ode.
You can see a bit of it in my pictures above, but there is so much more,
that I actually got lost trying to find this very same spot again :).
It is neighbor to Oubliette, which is home to the gorgeous Evie's Closet as well as other lovely shops.
I am looking forward to taking many more pictures here, and I highly recommend visiting!

1st Outfit - Alia:
Petite Mesh Avatar Elves Tan Tone with Nightwish Makeup Add-On by Fallen Gods Inc.
Petite Alia Outfit by Blue Blood
By the Shore in Moonlight Tone Non-Rigged Mesh Hair by Exile - Currently on sale at The Dressing Room Blue
Mesh Desire Ankle Boots in Black by [Gos]
FATEeyes by Fate Design
Pose by Purple Poses

2nd Outfit - Flora:
Petite Mesh Avatar Polly Caramel Tone with Hairbase by Al vulo!
Petite Flora Outfit by Blue Blood
LOLA Bun, Bun Hair Attachment by LeLutka
Mesh Desire Ankle Boots in Black by [Gos]
Aurora Eyes-Planetary-Normal-Petite by A.D.D.Andel!
The Petite Faerie Queene Jewelry Set in Red by Frippery
Pose by LibDescent Poses

tourist tuesdays: the olympic peninsula (aka twilight land) with rachel!

hi guys! so excited to have rachel here for another segment of tourist tuesdays!  i've been reading rachel's blog for awhile now and man, she's such a sweetheart!  i can't wait for you all to read about her journey into vampire land!  i can't wait to get my little big 'ol booty up the coast to explore some of this awesome scenery! 


Hey everyone!  I'm Rachel and I blog over at Cant Google Everything!  I love traveling and there are several cool places I would love to share with you guys!  This week I am showing one of my favorite short trips I have been on and one of the most beautiful places ever to go visit!

Road Trip to the Olympic Peninsula!

A few years ago my sister and I did this trip and it is one of my best memories!  We started off in Portland, OR and drove our way up!  A lot of the trip was focused on visiting hot spots for Twilight fans, but there are a lot of other really cool things to do in the area, especially if you love the great outdoors!  The Olympic Peninsula is home to the Olympic National Forest and Hoh Rain Forest which makes for some gorgeous scenery and a great drive!

How to get there:
Drive over on the 101 across the south side of the peninsula.  Soon the road will turn north and you will be heading toward Forks, Washington.

What to do:

Your first stop in Forks should be the visitors center!  Just be sure to keep your eye out for it because if you blink you will miss it!  This is a great place to stretch your legs, take a restroom break and get some information about the area.  Pick up maps of the hiking trails, dining info and information about other activities to do!   You can also see the map of places people have visited Forks from and add your pin to where you are from!  (There are also Twilight cut outs for photo opps, Edward themed bathroom decor and maps to the "Cullen" and "Swan" residents- if your into that sort of thing)

Next drive around the small town of Forks and take in the sites.  Follow your Twilight map or just make it up as you go!  It really isn't that big, so you probably won't get lost!  Visit one of the local diners for lunch and then walk around the small shops and pick up some souvenirs.

Just past town there is a turn off that takes you to the Indian reservation on the coast and La Push beach.  Turn left and drive over to the coast- it's a 15-20 minute drive and totally worth it!  You can also see the "Treaty Line" marker.

But seriously, the coast is beautiful here and there are some really great hiking trails around this area and down to the cost through the rain forest.

Next, head up to Sol Duc hot springs for some pampering!  The natural hot springs are brought into mineral pools for guest to enjoy, and don't worry you get used to that smell!  It's $12.95 for adults or free if you stay there!  Be sure to gas up before you complete this part of the drive, it's longer than you expect and you don't want to run out of gas once you get there and have to buy some from the lodge...not that this happened or anything...

Where to stay:
In Forks there were several motel type of places you could stay in but we stayed somewhere else so I can't really recommend any of them.

What I recommend is staying at the cabins at the Sol Duc hot springs!  The cabins were pretty nice and you get to go in the springs for free.  They also have a spa and several restaurants.  There are no TVs in the rooms though, so bring your laptop and some movies if you need something to do at night! (and you will, because it's very remote and there is nothing else to do!)

What else?
To round off your road trip, continue around 101 and make a stop in Port Angeles.  You could walk around, have lunch or just breeze on through.  You can also take the ferry to Victoria from here if you want to go to Canada!  Past there keep driving down 101 to get back to any sort of big city!  It is very scenic along the way and you pass through some cute little villages as well!

If we had stayed longer we would have been able to do some amazing hiking!  If you're into this sort of thing you should definitely get a map and information on it the visitors center.  The weather here can vary and changes drastically, even in the summer, so just be sure you know what you're doing if you head up into the mountains!

More info:


Thanks for reading!


thanks for sharing, rachel! 
don't forget to link up your tourist tuesdays posts in the comments.
can't wait to read all about your fun travel spots this week.


ps.  there are still plenty of sponsor spots available for july :)


I started to watch and I was hooked right the way... creative story told through scissors and paper.
Začala som pozerať a už som sa neodtrhla... kreatívný príbeh vyrozpávaný cez papier a nožnice.

Hard and Soft 01

Hard and Soft 01. Lunchtime sketch. Will try to make this a regular thing.

Please return my sketchbook!

SMASH AND GRAB... someone broke into my car tonight (the Fremont area of Seattle) and stole my backpack that had volume 10 of my graphic novel art in it! Along with my classic iPod, parking remote for work, brand new noise canceling headphones,... glass all over the interior of the car and I had to drive home on three freeways with no side window at 1am.
If anyone would like to help and put up some of these flyers around the Fremont area of Seattle, I'd appreciate it.
Thank you.


two collage books

Steven Specht here...

Over the past month, I received two new collage books that are so good, I just had to share information about them on this blog. One of the books is a technical book about various image transfer techniques by my friend and fellow collage artist Jonathan Talbot and Jessica Lawrence. The book can be purchased through Jonathan's website at www.talbot1.com. This book should be useful for any level of collage artist. The second book is written by collage artist Randel Plowman, who curated the Collage Masters book (what a gem!). Randel's new book is a wonderful in that it covers some design basics in the first half of the book and then presents 50 short exercises to stimulate creative thinking as it relates to collage making. It's a GREAT book and I highly recommend it for beginnings and experts alike. I am hoping to use it in the future with my students. The book is published by Lark Crafts. Randel's blog site is listed in the blogs I follow. Enjoy!

my summer bucket list, 2012

hi guys. i've been a bit mia the past few days, was feeling under the weather and decided to rest up so i could recover quickly. its a good thing too, because this week sure is a busy one! but, to kick it off, i've put together a summer bucket list of sorts. just some things i wanna do or accomplish in the next two-ish months.

1. save money for my portland, nyc and texas trips
2. go to the del mar fair
3. see a concert in the park
4. visit sd at least once a month
5. go to reggae & beer fest 
6. hit up the beach at least once a week
7. take one day a week for myself, don't overwork 
8. see a country concert (or 2)
9. go to the orange county fair
10. start working out again
11. don't buy any new clothes until i need a smaller size
12. plan a so cal blogger meet up
13. go to a few baseball games
14. host a bbq for friends
15. champagne brucnh. enough said
16. be a tourist in my own city
17. visit the farmers market
18. watch the sunset on the pier with someone special
19. open myself up to new experiences
20. learn to love me for me

Pictures of You

Thank you for those who joined to celebrate my dear friend's birthday party. Themis Enzo is not only my friend, but truly an intricate part of Eldergoth.

Themis dancing the night away... 

 For a surprise Ghani Uriza and I planned a little special something for Themis, a strip tease done by Piggy here. Piggy made quite the squealer and shared many obnoxious sentiments, including his diaper. *shudders at the memory*
Thank you Salome Enoch for a wonderful job and being such a good sport!

 Our wonderful, talented, party planner and friend Ghanima Uriza of Blue Blood.

 DJ Kittynes Hendrassen and partner in crime Dracien Allen!

  Vampress Morganna Reggiane

 Themi's twin...Ysandir Dharnen, okay they are not really twins but Ysa keeps Themis sane.

 Infamous Punkkitty Fitzgerald...looking ravishing! I <3 my Punky!

 Edgar displaying his "hair" for steamy Themi!

 Electra Shadowcry, friend and our enforcer!

 Moon Moonwall...looking quite dangerous.


Release Party was this past Saturday night, three hours of fun in the muted sun. Sponsors this time around Lasaki, ni.ju, coLLisions, ImmateriA, Black Arts, Zombie Suicide, Inspired Designs, The Little Bat, and de Baza.

 Edgar and Themi dancing in the sand dunes!

 We managed to filter out the sun, so no harm came to any of our darklings that were brave enough to party at the beach!

 Claire Novaland our mermaid beauty and also winner of best dressed, she tied with Lola Heinrichs.

 DJ Nagash Demina always kicking our bums with great music and his wild transformations. He found himself needing to switch forms because we were threatening to eat him slathered with hot dripping butter.

 Sexy Lola!

 Nagash trying to hide and blend...figured if he had no flesh we could not eat him. He was gently reminded that bones were good to make soup!

Best in Creation was also a split between De Baza and ni.ju, Congratulations to all our winners! 

 Electra and Themi...is it just me or does Themi seem to get alot of dancing action?


After the Release Party, Eldergoth Sponsor B&B Spiritual Supplies celebrated St. John's.

St. John's Day is named for St. John the Baptist and is the holiest day of year for voodoo practitioners. It has been a long accepted part of New Orlean culture and still to this day remains misunderstood.

 The event began at 8pm slt with a live blues performance from Noma Falta, following with DJ Carter Denja at 9pm slt.

 Claire Novaland, celebrating in dance around the circle.

 Papa Nagash Demina

 Enchanting Burke Benoir of B&B Spiritual Supplies

Traditional dress for the event was in white and an altar set up to honor ancestors and Marie Laveau.