thanks, may!

oh may, you were one pretty fantastic month and i enjoyed you oh so much!  you started out on such a high note and never dipped, not once.  from wine nights to mothers day and dodger baseball, you did not disappoint!  i must say, june has some pretty big shoes to fill.  

mani / pedi thanks to mom - off to drinks with friends
the fabulous olivia - my little whit
mom & me on mothers day - wine night
dodger pride - petco park, sd
mothers day martinis - me and bill walton

:::::fusionando planetas ::::::

colaboración ineterestelar PART III

quenllascq + matrioska 

boomerang + ida y vuelta + interacción de ideas.
mercado de abastos  , scq.
esta es la tercera parte (y siguiendo) de nuestra particular interacción.
pequeños espacios , grandes ideas, nuevos conceptos.
*quenlla scq. broche Tianuna
*matrioska tenda. top Rules by Mary


*quenllascq collar Tianuna
*matrioska tenda  vestido Rules by Mary

quenlla scq                                               
mercado de abastos
ameas c36


I've been going back and forth lately with iStock on a series of images, doing a lot of digital work. I finally got a few images accepted, after jumping through a few technical hoops. It's time for something different. This week, I decided to get a bit old skool and exercise some basic drawing muscles for a bit. Once again, I've looked to my children's wonderful library for inspiration. This is nice relaxing play that was most needed after a few busy weeks.

it's time for dodger baseball

a little over a week ago i headed down to san diego for the dodger vs padre game with one of my favorite friends, olivia. it was a belated birthday celebration for liv and since we are both dodger fans, we couldn't pass up the chance to see them in sd. kai and her bf joined us for some pre game festivities at the tilted kilt before we all headed into the game and went to our designated seats.

olivia scored some awesome seats in the field level vip area and holy cow you guys, these were the best seats ive ever had for a baseball game! i'm talking perfect angle for maximum batter booty views! she even was selected to receive a free gift from the padres - a padre hat - which she put to great use (see below). we had such a fun time cheering on the boys in blue, making frienemies and enjoying some great ballpark eats (and drinks, of course!) plus the dodgers won, so it doesn't get much better than that!

There Is Always Room For Bacon

Illustrator and animator Gemma Robinson has added a new print to her Etsy range of handmade typographic lino cuts, 'There Is Always Room For Bacon'.

Facebook gravestone

Gravestone design for Facebook aficionados.


memorial day

happy memorial day, friends.  i hope your weekend was full of fun and family and friends.  lots of sunshine and bbqs and red, white & blue.  but we can't forget what this holiday is really all about.  i want to take a minute to honor all those who have served our country and who we have lost at war.  your courage and patriotism is beyond honorable and our country would not be the same without you.  thank you for serving.  thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

A hero is someone who has given his or her life 
to something bigger than oneself. 
Joseph Campbell 

and a special shout out to this little coastie
i love you trav!  you make me so proud. 
way to go, little brother! 
keep following your big 'ol crazy dreams.

in green.

my new addition in my store. môj nový príspevok na sashe.

Petites Travel ~ Hells Lost Souls Sim

Hells Lost Souls Sim - 1. Hells Lost Souls Sim - 2. Hells Lost Souls Sim - 3. Hells Lost Souls Sim - 4. Hells Lost Souls Sim - 5Yes, that is me in there. Hells Lost Souls Sim - 6

Beautiful Scenery
Rentals(Not sure if there is any left tho)

Second coming of horror...

 Horror Haute remaining items for this month, A Netherworld's "My Mortality Dress". The dress comes in four different colors to choose from.

 Hysteria offers up the tattoo/makeup layer "Because the Night".

 Distored Dreams "Bloody Sweater Dress" shown with Love Zombie "Sinful Lips Trio"

and CoLLisions "The Weaver Earrings".

les sucreries de Fairy "Macabre Balloon" includes the full outfit, balloons that hook into your skin, and blood tattoo layers.

Belle Morte "Dolly Disastre Skin"

Howling Creations "Portal of Darkness" and

"Fountain of Darkness". Wonderfully crafted with all the creep you hope to achieve displaying either outside or inside.
Inspired Designs "Tribal Thorn Rose" Tattoo.

Enjoy this month's releases for Horror Haute.

Welcome to Horror Haute in May

Greetings Horror Thrill Seekers! Horror Haute has open it's doors again to bring you seven days of blood curdling, hair pulling, screaming shopping days!
First item up is from ImmateriA "Death of Ixion". The outfit includes leggings, top, hooves and a bloody open wound tattoo layer with horn attachment. Booth hooves and leg brace feature a decorative design.

Zombie Suicide released her "Bloody Lips" a bloody mouth tattoo layer with four different blood tattoos. I am wearing two of the four. Although the item from Zombie Suicide is NOT part of this month's Horror Haute, I felt it was fitting to showcase along side of Goth1c0 Horror Haute item, "B is for Brains Zombie Dress".

 Repulse Horror Haute offering is "Cyborg Back Cables" which includes a bloody tattoo layer and choice between color scripted back cable or non scripted cable.

 Watch for additional postings of the newest releases!

Burtonesque Bash!

Do you have any idea what breakfast cereal's made of? It's those little curly wooden shavings you find in pencil sharpeners.~Willie Wonka
Friday was Zero's Burtoneque Bash with DJ Punky spinning some gothy delights, from 6-8pm it was an homage to the films of Tim Burton.

 Best in Costume was Nagash Demina "Mars Attacks!"