Cartoon Logos, Icons and Graphics: Deviled Egg

Cartoon deviled egg logo created by cartoon artist Lou Simeone

I created this cartoon deviled egg a little while back. It's one of my favorites. I recently built a clean and minimalist website to help with getting more work creating cartoon logos. Enjoy fellow artists :)

I'm really enjoying all the great artwork on this site. It's great to be posting with such talented artists - love it!

Party at Innsmouth: March Release Party

 The Eldergoth Macabre March Release Party was held at the Innsmouth Opera House, which also happens to be one of my favorite builds.
It is intimately quaint with beautiful lighting and dancing shadows, perfect for a party!

 This month our creators featuring a new release are as follows: Blue Blood, [Matrioska], Schadenfreude, Lolapop!, Hysteria, Favole, AD Creations, Post Mortum Creations, and ImmateriA.

 Our contest for the party was Best in Cthulhu, Electra wore a beautiful tentacle inspired gown for the evening. The Elder Gods were pleased!

 Our tentacle goddess, DJ Punky making her first debut at an Eldergoth Macabre party. Punkkitty Fitzgerald is not new to the DJing scene, as the Head DJ at Club Zero she also spreads the love as a DJ in her RL.

 The beautiful Anastasia dancing.

 Dencur waiting for the arrival of tentacle gods.

 Post Mortem Designer, Mysteria

 Aliza Karu wearing her new release featured at the party.

 Tuesday Blackheart bumping bums with the beautiful Ghanima.

 While most of my photographs show off Ghani's sweet bald head, this shot is photographic proof that she does indeed have hair!

Girls Night Out!

 Look to the right, see the cute little morsel with pink hair? Our lovely Shy dressed in Schadenfreude cupcakes was our offering to the Old Ones for the evening...and yes Shy, we did throw you under the bus and you are very welcome! Note the picture to follow..the tentacle monster with the big teeth.

 Hmm..I was told Cthulhu arrived, but Nagash looked more like the love child of Seymour and Cthulhu *laughs*.
 Hey, Feed me Seymour!

 Dragon's Flair creator Blaize attempts to hide from the monster.

 Sexy DJ Kittynes and Eldergoth Blogger!

 The elder god..doing what elder gods like to do, sitting on a balcony cam perving!
Fortunately for him the winnings from Best in Costume will allow for more night outs.

 Horror Haute partner in crime, Electra Shadowcry

 Blue Blood won Best in Creator for the evening, Congratulations Ghanima!


 AD Designs, Aliza Karu offered this amazing outfit at a special price for the Eldergoth Party.

 Favole debut mesh corsets and gowns!

Schadenfreude offered plenty of Yummies for the party.

Sexy and could any elder god resist such a tasty morsel?
 Lolapop! debut pose sets.

 I would like to thank Lola for graciously donating a beautiful necklace as one of our prizes for the evening.

Thank you!

Hysteria new amazing tattoos!

Thank you to our amazing creators, see you all next month!