Happy Halloween Everyone!
As with last year, I decided to do one halloween head each day of October to build up to the big H-ween!
Here is the result of both years :)

I'm also currently doing a limited 36x24 print giveaway on my Tumblr if you think you may know who they all are :D Check it out here: http://caleatkinson.tumblr.com/ !

Cheers all you ghouls and ghosts!

New Dimension of Gothiness at Netherworld

This Halloween weekend I have been hopping around SL trying to find cool places to visit. On one of my stops I found myself at Netherworld.  If the name itself didn't call you to it, the look of the place should!  Here's the SURL so you can see for yourself: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nightfield/13/14/1313

Just so happened that this day I was dressed as a 10 yr old, since I KNOW little kids get more treats!  When I landed there I was in a spooky garden with creepy dark corners and an awesome looking tree.  Being a kid for the day I just HAD to climb it of course! LOL

I also did my best impersonation of a zombie LOL and played with their dog Fluffy!  Not for nothing, but I think they need to feed him more.  

After playing outside for a bit, I made my way inside the store.  As you make your way inside you will see that this store is very well connected with the community through many groups and you can subscribe so you can keep tabs as to the latest happenings.  Their newest releases are also right at the entrance so you don't have to hunt around for them.

And if you don't like following them inworld, well hell they have a million ways to do so on the internet and it's posted so don't act like you don't know LOL.

OK, first of all, this store has a nice mix of products.  They have clothing, decor and BUILDINGS! Yes, very cool looking prefabs for your dark decorating needs. <insert evil laugh here>  Oh and I did like that they have kitties for adoption there!  Umm....supposedly guaranteed evil, or hungry....wonder if they bite.

On the clothing, you really can't go wrong with a dress that comes with blood already on it.  I don't know about you, but I hate ruining new clothes so this makes me feel better ;)

Now, I know today is the last day for "Halloween Decorations" for the rest of the world, but for us Goth enthusiasts it's a year round party so CHECK OUT the decor items to make your home ever so uninviting to strangers! He, he, he....

If you don't already have a fabulous old haunted house to call home, you can certainly find it here. Oh they do have furniture too for your lovely home.

OK seriously I about squealed in delight when I saw these snow people all mangled and stuff.  Come on, you know it soooo would disturb your neighbors if you used these as your Christmas decorations. LOL

CAN YOU SAY FREEBIE?!!! Yep they have them too! They also have lucky chair and Midnight Mania board so really you need to drop by!

In addition to clothes they also carry accessories, skins, and face tattoos.  You can find those in the room with Seymore, who apparently was hungry.  Reminder: DON'T FEED THE PLANT.

If you go through the magic door, it will take you to a place where you can see the buildings fully rezzed so you can decide which is the one you will take home with you.

Overall, Netherworld is a very cool shop with interesting merchandise.  You should go check it out!  Happy Halloween :)

a little truth about guys

As I was watching "The Ugly Truth" last night I thought about how fun it would be to write a post about guys since I'm sure I'm not the only girl who finds herself wondering "what the heck is he thinking?" or "why are guys so complicated?"  So I turned to some of my guy friends and asked, "if there was one thing you wish every girl knew about men, what would it be?"  Here you go ladies - a little peak into the minds of the men of the world.  We've got some real winning answers in here - ha!

"Women are the basis to 90% of all our decisions we make." - Danny, 24, Tax Consultant 

"My mom will always come first." - Mark, 22, Sea World Visual Production

"We aren't as tough as we appear to be." - Andrew, 21, Student

"Video games are not bad, or a waste of time." - Matt, 24, Wealth Manager

"That small insecurity you have doesn't really bother us, at the end of the day, we're together and thats all that matters." - Eddie, 23, Chef

"We don't all think the same way." - Collin, 25, Bartender

"We actually like the imperfections." - Kyle, 23, Manager

"It's not always about getting into your pants. Sometimes we just want to talk and have a conversation and get to know you. But when you act like a bitch, it's a turnoff and any thoughts of actually getting to know you are gone." - Kevin, 22, Student

"Don't change yourself to try and change a man, let him be changed by who u are." - Timothy, 22, Graduate Student

"When we ask a question we want an answer, not another question." - Brian, 30, Accountant

"Food on the table when I get home is an easy way to my heart and open wallet." - Jason, 28, Restaurant Manager

"Be honest and don't play games.  If you like a guy, or have something to say, just say it.  Because if we find out some other way, it's going to annoy us.  Oh, and we actually do care about how we look just as much as you do." - Kyle, 25, Camp Director

"Men dont want the girl to agree with every decision we make. I like a girl that can stand her own ground and be independent. If you make it too easy for me I'm gonna be over it in a matter of weeks" - George, 23, Personal Banker





Here's a bat with a rather odd Snout... Figured I'd put some spumco style colors on him, just to play around a bit... Happy Halloween to all my friends here at SFG!!

Hope you dig...

Una striscia

Una sola.
Sul test di gravidanza che ho fatto alcuni giorni fa per sicurezza: dopo il capoparto due mesi fa non ho avuto più nulla.
Finestrella del controllo test colorata, finestrella dell'esito bianca: non incinta.
(Uff... sospiro di sollievo).
L'anno scorso più o meno di questi tempi avevo scoperto di essere incinta, sai che divertimento ad avere due figli a un anno esatto di distanza? giusto ora che mi sto abituando ad averne una per casa!

E però, però...
Saranno gli ormoni ancora ballerini, sarà la follia da neomamma, ma (<blush > non mi sarebbe poi dispiaciuto così tanto. Anzi, confesso che una piccola parte di me (una parte fuori di testa, evidentemente) non vede l'ora di avere un altro neonato tra le braccia per un semplice motivo: per potermelo godere fin dal primo momento.
 Con Elena ho impiegato almeno un mese per rilassarmi e guardare la pupa senza sentire una morsa di inadeguatezza. Ora immagino più sicurezza, più consapevolezza: non sarei tramortita nel passaggio dalla teoria alla pratica della maternità.
Certo,  ogni gravidanza e ogni figlio sono a sé, ma diciamoci la verità, al secondo figlio sei più preparata. Comunque andasse il parto, non sarei sotto choc come per Elena, e affronterei con più filosofia anche la faccenda dell'allattamento. Sarei meno disperata durante le sessioni di pianto perché saprei per certo e non per sentito dire che prima o poi quella fase finisce. E poi Elena avrebbe qualcuno (anzi, qualcuna, perché riesco a immaginare solo un'altra femmina, ho anche il nome!) con cui crescere insieme...

E se poi non fosse una bimba tranquilla come la sorellina? se il karma mi mandasse un terremoto ingestibile?
Pochi giorni fa ho sentito due amiche che hanno avuto il secondo figlio da pochissimo, ed entrambe erano nel pieno della fase "Machimmelaffattofà", più preoccupate per il primogenito che per il neonato. Hmmm.... a questo sarei pronta? Più in generale, esiste il momento in cui si è pronti per il secondo figlio?

PS. Domanda tecnica: a voi il ciclo dopo il capoparto si è stabilizzato subito? che faccio, compro un altro test?


Favole has created two new beautiful gowns, the first is Perdition. The new release includes gown, posture collar and boots.

 Lucretia includes the gown and corseted sleeves.

 Repulse has a new skin, Vampire that is released for ZombiePopcorn Brand. In order to purchase the skin, simply go to the ZombiePopcorn Headquarters!

The eyebrow piercing, Bloody Tears is featured in the pictures is from Inspired Designs, new to The Eldergoth Macabre.

handy table.

For those who don't know him: end-table TOR - the last year winner at Elle Wonen Design Talent Award 2010. Admire him over at Lambievanhenge. I will quietly put it on my wishlist.
Pre tých ktorý ešte nemali tú česť servírovací stolík TOR - minuloročný víťaz ceny Dizajnérsky talent Elle Wonen 2010. Obdivujte ho na Lambievanhenge. Ja si ho v tichosti dám na môj zoznam prianí.

Happy Halloween!

See my blog:)

Hipster Halloween sketch

Tomorrow night I am dressing up as Walter White for a Halloween party. I'm basically wearing business casual with a gasmask. I'm also attending the same party as Golden Age Sandman in plainclothes. I know. Lame.

Friday's Fancies: Halloween Hotness

Happy Halloween weekend friends!!  So excited to be back for another fabulous installment of Friday's Fancies.  And what better theme than an over-the-top costume choice.  One that money can't buy (well, my money, anyways!).  I've always loved the 101 Dalmatians and think that Cruella de Vil would be a fun villian to play for a night.  Plus, what could be better than a sexy black dress, killer heels and a to-die-for faux fur coat?  I think I might've found some real inspiration for my costume this year!  What are you dressing up as for Halloween?  Link up your costumes with {av} over at {long distance loving}.

cruella de vil

One shoulder sleeve dress, $113
Polka dot coat, $196
Rupert Sanderson black heels, $1,045
Clear crystal earrings, $15
Embroidered glove, $20
Cigarette Holder, $1.25

How are you celebrating this weekend?

calling all so cal / san diego bloggers

You guys - I have been wanting to put together a San Diego blogger meet up pretty much ever since I started blogging and guess what?  The amazing Tammy over at Lemons, Avocados & the Bay is doing it!  And I'm so excited to be a part of this meet up!  

Now comes the fun part ...  
If you are interested in joining us, please let me know!  Leave a comment and RSVP here! As of now, we are aiming for Sunday, November 13th in the afternoon.  We are definitely open for suggestions in regards to locations in San Diego and are hoping to use whatever resources we can to make this meet-up a huge success!

Can't wait to hear your feedback! 

Where did I get those shoes? Lassitude & Ennui!

"I climbed down to watch the tide/Mark the time that slips away/Where the oceans meet the sky/the drawing out of self" VNV Nation.  What does the song have to do with this posting? Absolutely nothing, I just love the song *grins*.


I found the cutest doll shoes at Lassitude & Ennui, not to mention a few more items I plan on picking up for myself at a later time.

Water resistant, so they will never stain.

Irresistibly cute with bows, lace and cute skulls!

Attention all photo enthusiasts...the store is beautifully landscaped, so take advantage of the scenic area for a great photo opportunity.

in brown colors.

Flower for your hair, a brown head-piece I made I while ago.
Kvet do vlasov, ozdoba z čokoladovej organzy ktorú som vyrobila už dávnejšie.