my memories giveaway.

Čitatelia v Slovenčine kliknite na linku na spodku článku!!!

Liz Gardner from MyMemories ask me to host a giveaway and here I am giving away...

free My Memories Suite software $40 value  one lucky reader!!!

Before we start with that I would like to tell you about it more. At first, I was skeptic as I'm not a big scrapbook person. But, after couple clicks I changed my mind. I was able to create more than just the typical digital scrapbook layouts. If you look through my blog you can find a lot of stuff I created recently - my blog banner, buttons, & multiple photo collages. And, there is so much more you can use it for. It's just up to you and your creative mind. It's a neat, easy to use graphic tool any blogger would like to have.

With MyMemories Suite software, anyone can create digital scrapbooks, photobooks, cards, calendars & gifts without buying expensive & complicated software programs. The homepage MyMemories opens a world of many possibilities... shop for digital kits or get them for free, create a custom made photo album with online photobook creator, watch video tutorials, & search the gallery to get inspiration from readers/bloggers like you.
And, how to win this digital software? Here are the rules:
  1. Become my follower (facebook or bloglovin)
  2. Visit MyMemories & pick your favorite digital kit, then leave a comment on this post telling me about your pick
  3. For extra entries - like My Memories on their Facebook, follow their Twitter, or the blog, leave an additional comment here for each one completed
    Simple enough. This giveaway will end October 15th. I will announce the winner October 16th. Now, hurry to MyMemories... 

    Liz Gardner z MyMemories ma požiadala hosťovať giveaway a tak Vám tu a teraz ponúkam možnosť vyhrať...  

    grafický softvér My Memories Suite v hodnote $40!!!

      Ale predtým ako začneme tak Vám tento softvér predstavím. Mala som možnosť vyskúšať MyMemories Suite osobne a úprimne som bola prekvapená - nekomplikovaný grafický nástroj ktorý každý bloger určite ocení. Softvér umožnuje vytvárať rôzne projekty, nielen klasické scrapbook stránky. Ak si prezriete môj blog tak narazíte na pár projektov ktoré som vytvorila len nedávno... môj baner, tlačítka na dalšie stránky, a rôzne foto koláže. Využiteľnost je neobmedzená a je to len na vašej kreatívnej mysli čo vytvoríte. Je to šikovný a ľahko ovládateľný grafický nástroj ktorý by ocenil každý aktívný bloger.
       My Memories Suite softvér Vám umožní vytvárať digitálne scrapbook stránky, foto-knihy, pohľadnice, kalendáre a darčeky bez nákupu drahých a komplikovaných softvérov. Stránka MyMemories otvára svet mnohých možností... nakupujte digitálne sady alebo si ich stiahnite zadarmo, vytvorte photo-albumy cez foto album creator. Sledujte video návody a hľadajte inšpiráciu v galérii od čitatelov a bloggerov ako vy.
    A, ako vyhrať tento digitálny softvér? Tu sú pravidlá: 
    1. Stať sa mojim followerom  (facebook alebo bloglovin)
    2. Navštívte MyMemories a vyberte si obľúbený produkt a pridajte sem komentár čo Vám padlo do oka 
    3. Pre extra vstupy - LIKEkujte My Memories na Facebooku, sledujte Twitter alebo blog, a pridajte sem d'alší koment za každý splnený vstup
      Jednoduché, nie? Súťaž trvá do 15 októbra. Vítaza oznámim 16 októbra. Tak šup-šup, rýchlo kliknite na MyMemories...

      Friday's Fancies: Boots!

      Happy Friday!! I have the day off today (finally) and am so excited to catch up on everything I've been missing in the bloggy world.  But first off, Friday's Fancies, of course!  Since the weather is cooling down  I've been able to pull out my boots and rock them when I go out.  I've even picked up a couple new pairs to add my ever expanding shoe collection - I might have a little problem ha!  And when {av} suggested "crazy about boots" for this week's Friday's Fancies theme I knew there was no way I could pass it up.  

      Wet Seal woods boots, $28
      Black booties, $124
      Miu Miu suede buckle boots, $739
      Old Navy lace up wedge boots, $34
      Steve Madden wedge boots, $149

      I would die to have all these boots in my closet!  Actually, I just got the Old Navy wedges the other day and they are so comfortable and cute!  And those Steve Madden leopard wedge boots?  OMG.  I love wearing boots with skinny jeans and a fun blouse or with leggings and a long flowy shirt.   I'm so excited to mix and match my boots with all my fun new fall clothes - maybe I'll even try to put together an outfit post or two.  Key word being try, of course!

      What boots are you swooning over this fall? 

      patrick WOLF.

                                                                                    .....y con suerte lo veremos en octubre por Vigo !

      rules by mary...rules!!

      Esta temporada,la firma sueca Rules by Mary se inspira en dos mitos de la década de  los 70: Los ángeles de Charlie, y la artista Patti Smith, todo un culto a la ciudad de Nueva York, con los colores del otoño, los tonos tierra, el negro como color fuerte en vestidos de viscosa y camisas lenceras, el denim un clásico  en vestidos y faldas de talle alto. los maxi cardigans y pull-over, en punto de mohair y en colores como azul petróleo o rosa buganvilla...
      Una esencia romántica de estética vintage.

      SHANNON pullover +RACHEL falda

      ERIN flower
      TAMMY abrigo

      en matrioska ecnontraréis todos estos estilimos y bastante más cositas....

      ribbon shoes.

      Now, I have also a creamy white pair of ribbon shoe clips. Perfect match to my black ones. By the way, the shoes are crazy comfortable even though they have a high heel. Well, at least for me they are killing tall heels:)
      Tak a mám aj jeden pár stužkových klipsov na topánky v krémovo-bielej. Tvoria peknú sadu s tými čiernymi. Ináč topánky sú strašne pohodlné i ked' majú závratnú výšku. Teda aspoň na mňa pôsobí ten opätok krkolomne:) Pár krémových mám aj na predaj tu.
      shoes by Guess from Marshalls*ribbon clips by me


      Stop by on Saturday - I'm having a GIVEAWAY!!!
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      Playing with Ghosts and Faes

      To kick off the October month long festivities we begin on Friday, October 7th at 11am SLT  as The Eldergoth Macabre is sponsoring g.h.o.s.t 1st Year Anniversary Party with a Victorian Gothic Theme. We respectively request that Victorian attire be worn for the event. There will be contests and prizes. This will be an all day event, so check the schedules while at the party!

      Saturday, October 8th at 6pm SLT The Eldergoth Macabre will hold our monthly Release Party for our Macabre Artisans. The event will be held at Koreshan on the newly renovated sim, it is truly an incredible build and we are pleased for the opportunity that Draconic Lioncourt (Draconic Kiss) has graciously agreed to host the event at the atrium. DJ Azazeal Whitfield (October Rust) will begin the party from 6-8pm and we will end the party with the incredible DJ Vasha Martinek (DV8) from 8-10pm SLT.

      Prizes and contests!

      Frilly in October

       Blue Blood just released a new outfit, Frilly Death Goth Dress...the alternative school girl dress for those of us who prefer to wear black. The dress is stitched with a lacey underskirt tucked beneath the sculpted skirt, sculpted sleeves and collar. Cute little skulls adorn the shirt and skirt and who could resist the stripey stockings?

      [featured in the picture above is October Rust Halloween Pumpkinhead Lamp]

      NV also released Isolde Skin...I love the thick black eyeliner and black lips, perfect addition to grace shoppers inventory closet.

      oh, hello

      Hey guys! Just wanted to pop in and let you all know that I'm alive.  Seems like blogging has been put on the back-burner this week.  Work has been hectic and I'm trying to balance having a social life and school so blogging has kind of become the last thing on my mind.  But not to worry, I will be back in action as soon as things calm down.  Since our new store is opening Oct 9th, after that things should (hopefully) slow down.  I'm just looking forward to having some down time when I actually want to do something other than sleep. 

      Hope you all are doing fantastic!  What have I been missing in YOUR lives?  I can't wait to catch up on all your blogs.  

      Missing you all!

      photo: me , Laguna Ojo de Liebre, Mexico

      Lo.ME este invierno!

      os queremos mostrar más colección de LoreaK Mendian que ya disponemos en 
      tienda para este otoño/invierno.
      Propuestas para enmarcar...y así lo hemos hecho!
      pasen y vean,vean..!!

      ANE B
      POMPA (proximamente en matrioska)
      DAMEN camisa
      SHORT CAT camisa

      original wedding.

      We are featured on Original Wedding... Czech blog about nontraditional weddings!
      Sme na Originální Svatba... Český blog o netradičných svadbách!


      Stop by on Saturday - I'm having a GIVEAWAY!!!
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      FiGHT THE GREY!!!!!!!

      .....con este lema SKUNKFUNK nos muestra tooodas las combinaciones de colores, vete tomando nota:




               foular en 3 colores

      y hay más...........


      ESTIBALIZ falda

      GANBE falda
      DIAGUR falda
      ILAZKI camisa
      tshirt cuello vuelto
      (la modelo lo lleva con túnica azul)
      ...y hay mucho más en MATRIOSKA .. más camisetas ,chaquetas de punto, carteras, moneros ,medias coloridas ....
      para las  fieles a SKUNKFUNK ...correddddd !!!

      Where I landed. Where I go.

      My feet are back on the ground, I think. It's been a long lingering month or two where things were so busy that I had to be disciplined just to finish all the tasks on my plate. Chris and I got married and that required my complete attention. After a simple family ceremony in our yard, we went to Maine and had a few days of wonderful surf to unwind. Immediately upon returning, it was the start of college and I had to pull myself together to teach Design at COBY two nights a week instead of 1. Meekly, I post on this blog, but I feel guilty for letting things just die here. I continue to do this periodically. I am not sure about the overall future of this forum....I  am still weighing out where I am going from here.

      I did a small showing of art at the Harvest Fest in Sharon Springs over the weekend. The Harvest Fest was not exactly the best art forum, but I did want to show these pieces to the local folk that live in the town that the art was about. I got to talk to various people about Sharon Springs and I even sold a couple of pieces. As I put things away in boxes to bring down to the Elephant Bistro in town, I really felt the urge to just put this work to rest. I have already shown it and I actually am tired of it all. The Bistro, however, really wanted to have some pieces hanging in their restaurant, so I brought them down there. Regardless of this strategy, it does feel like it's the end of an era. It's the end of the Sadler era and it's time for me to move on to new ideas and formats.
      I felt badly about not selling more this weekend and I had to sit back and think about reality.
      The one thing I did sort out over the weekend is my own thought process, which isnt' working right.
      I do art to express myself and as I do this, I could care less what anyone would think of the completed work. I go for a particular "look" and when I achieve it, I toss the canvas aside and move onto the next unfinished puzzle. When I feel I have completed a body of work, I take it to a gallery to show/sell. I take these artworks and present them to the public where I now expect them to like it---no, love it-- and perhaps even purchase it. 
      When I create, I could care less about anyone else. But afterwards, I am trying to sell to someone else, and honestly, what nerve!! I expect them to like my viewpoint, and the way I presented it, and also to buy it and love it like it's there own. I am looking to be rewarded for being me. No wonder it's such a bummer when art doesn't sell, or when someone doesn't exactly like what you do. You really put yourself on the line. There's no way to avoid this I don't think. 
      So there are 2 ways to go on from here.
      1. Cater to the public. Figure out what sells, figure out what people want, and give it to em. Not sure if this is anywhere near as personally satisfying. But, if out society decides merit upon how much money we make, then this is definitely the answer. Lots of money = good artist.
      2. Do my own thing, and suffer the consequences. If it sells, good. If it doesn't, who cares? I got my satisfaction out of the creation anyhow.

      My new husband says that art is my therapy and that I probably would stop doing it if I did it just for sales. I tend to agree. But this doesn't help the wallet! And somehow this whole sales thing seems to tie into the money thing. And the money thing ties into the self worth thing. And the world goes round.

      Korean Stall

      I had a few hours to kill before I had to head to the airport and back to the big apple. I wandered the back alleys of Itaewon. There before me was one of my favorite things. A Blade Runner type food stall. As usual, no one spoke English. When I was done I found some old lady who spoke a little English. She helped me get the address of the old lady who ran the stall so I could mail her some prints. The only thing missing that would have made it more Blade Runner, was the rain. Apparently they had rain in Korea for a month straight before I arrived. Monsoons, you know. Actually i"m glad I missed that stuff. For once, I didn't get dumped on.

      just saying.

      My shoe clips are very flexible. They can be used as a hair clip as well. Just saying:)
      Moje klipsne na topánky sú veľmi flexibilné. Možu byť užitočné aj do vlasov. Len taká pripomienka:)


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