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Devil's Mask

Devil's Tail


Nuuna Skins at Dark Tranquility! Our newest to The Eldergoth Macabre, a wide variety of styles to choose from!

Face Tattoos!

Incredible skins and creative designs!

Good To Be Goth!

Hysteria creates a new tattoo that allows you to express your inner gothiness!
To be Goth is a lifestyle, not a trend! 


New from Black Vega! Lots of lace and girly stuff for any Gothic Lolita to adore! Grab the link and teleport to the shop and treat yourself to this wicked delight.

First Annual Demon Beauty Pageant

Dead Dolls and the Eldergoth Macabre,the dynamic duo who brought you the wickedly popular zombie beauty pageant , are at it again this fall! These two dark communities have teamed up to bring you the hottest girls and guys on the grid in the demon beauty pageant. This event is going to be absolutely sinful!

If you would like to be a part of the event and be crowned the top blasphemous beauty in Second Life grab yourself an application and fill it out. As this will be an adult event please note that your returned application is to be considered as confirmation that you have read and agree to all rules of the event. 

Stop by and pick your application up!

oh, september

Michelle over at Oh, Mishka posted about some lovely little things that she is getting excited about heading into September and I thought it would be fun to share some things I'm looking forward to myself.

cooler nights - hot coffee - football with the boys - pumpkin spiced lattes - big comfy scarfs - working full time - my new papasan chair - outdoor fireplace & mallows - san clemente sunsets - wednesday night classes - red wine - boots - puppy snuggles - remodeled rooms - skinny jeans - boyfriend sweaters

what are you looking forward to? 

Tattoo HAWTNESS at CoLLisions by Morgain Le Fay

In my travels through SL I came across this fabulous store called CoLLisions.  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love tattoos and the fact that in SL I can change my skin art as often as I change my mind…which is very often!  If you haven’t been to this store already I strongly suggest you check it out.  I have included a silly picture of me staring at one of the walls of awesomeness because I simply could not make up my mind. 

Their tattoos range from sweet and romantic, to cyber, to gothic.  Imagine this….tattoos with pretty little stars travelling through your entire body, next to a tattooed love message in BINARY code, and that next to a fantastic tattoo with Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” written on your skin complete with totally hot looking tree with crows flying around.  Now that is what I call selection!

They don’t only have tattoos; they also include accessories.  If you would like to check them out, take this taxi to their inworld store:

"Thinking of Ewe"

Steve Specht here...

On Saturday October 1st, Sculpture Space, located in Utica, NY will be holding its annual CHAIRity auction. Sculpture Space is an internationally lauded residency program for sculptors (see I have been donating pieces to this great cause for the past 10 years. I usually do a piece of painted furniture and for the last couple of years did a collage as well. This year I have done this piece for the event. It's entitled "Thinking of Ewe" (14" x 11"). I'm hoping that two people like it enough so that it will bring in a respectable amount for Sculpture Space. It's a great event and is the closest that Utica ever gets to feeling like New York City (in my humble opinion). Enjoy!

flexible plastic bag.

Except couple books and magazines I brought home today this amazing textured plastic bag as well. Why trowing it away when you actually can use it. And, I am not talking about using it as a trash liner!!! I imagine rather more inspirational use for it... like recycled flowery necklace for example.
Okrem pár kníh a magazínov som si dnes domov priniesla aj plastikovú tašku zo super grafikou. Takže škoda ju vyhodiť ked' ju vlastne možme plne využiť. A, to nehovorím o použití na smeti!!! Mala som pre nu iný trvácnejší osud... predstavovala som si ju vo viac inšpiratívnom projekte... ako napríklad tento náhrdelník.

must have.

I think I found the right equipment for all those rainy days. And the little bird can make it even more enjoyable.

Myslím, že som našla to pravé vybavenie na upršané dni. A vtáčik to len spríjemní.

Le Brigitte

La musique c'est chic & freak.

De deux choses l'une / Deux jambes ou deux yeux /C'est toujours par deux /Qu'on cherche fortune /Mais blondes ou brunes /A Paris font mieux /Une égale deux /Et deux n'en font qu'une ...Cantava Brigitte Bardot in "ah!les petites femmes de paris". 
E' lei la musa del duo francese Brigitte, che vede protagoniste  Sylvie Hoarau (la mora con le lunette) e Aurélie Maggiori (la bionda con le efelidi e un tocco hippy ) al secondo album dal titolo "Et vous, tu m'aimes?". 
"Brigitte, c'est rétro, notre style, c'est les années 50, c'est français, c'est Brigitte Bardot, c'est Brigitte Lahaye, c'est la tante qui cuisine, c'est la femme du cousin. Brigitte, c'est la femme au plural" - ha commentato in una recente intervista al Sud Ouest Aurélie Maggiori.
Un gusto estremamente raffinato e kitsch caratterizza la loro immagine.
Ricordano le donne dipinte da Mucha sui cartelloni pubblicitari, ma sotto la maschera liberty vestono con spirito decisamente irriverente, gli abiti vintage con forti richiami agli anni '70.

E' inevitabile finire a parlare del loro guardaroba, dello style e dell'aspetto visuale della loro musique. Sound uber femmineo, eclettico tra folk, pop, hip hop, indie rock.


Annalisa D'Urbano

goodbyes & see you soons

I know it's been a month since my brother was in town but I'm a slacker and am just now getting to post about his departure.  Maybe it's because I hate it when he has to go home or I just really am that behind on things, whatever it is, it's my excuse!

The last night my brother was in town we went to our favorite restaurant in town, Nick's, and enjoyed one last family dinner.  Since my brother is now 21, we toasted to his future and told him how much we love him and our so proud of him for how far he has come in his journey to becoming an AST (aviation survival technician - like from the movie The Guardian).

Dropping him off at the airport to head back to Florida is always tough.  I hate that he's not just a drive away anymore and that I don't get to see him whenever I feel like it.  But I love him and am so proud of what he has accomplished.  He will always be my baby brother, but he is turning into a man more and more each day.  He starts his airman training Sept 6th and I know he will do amazing.

tape up.

This is what caught my eye in a craft store today... duck tape fashion is not all that bad, don't you think?!?! Somebody is really creative in this store:) Thumbs up!!!

Toto ma dnes upútalo v obchode... móda z lepiacej pásky nieje taký zlý nápad, čo myslíte?!?! Niekto v tomto obchode je veľmi kreatívný:) Dávam 11 z 10 bodov!!!

Part 4 of 6

Alina Chau


Pues como todo lo bueno llega a su fin...el verano , el bronceado, ..y las rebajas..agosto es lo que tiene..
pero....para remate de fiesta os espera en MatriosKa  sorpresa:

VESTIDOS SESSÙN Y RULES BY MARY   :   30€, 40€, 50€ , !!!!!!!!!!!

       Esto sí que es felicidad..para que no os vengáis abajo,..   que aún nos queda veranito que


shower curtain ring.

No, I didn't came up with this idea while taking a shower. Somebody somewhere made something similar and I got inspired. And because, I like to burn stuff like in some previous projects I had fun with the lighter again. So, what we will need for this quick and simple project: plastic bag from supermarket, glue-gun, lighter, shower curtain plastic ring, piece of wool, marker, and piece of card-stock.
Nie, toto ma nenapadlo v sprche. Niekto kdesi postol podobný projekt a tak som bola inšpirovná. A kedže rada pálim veci ako v niektorých predošlých projektoch tak som zase mala svoju chvílku so zapalovačom. Takže čo to potrebujeme na veľmi jednoduchý a rýchli projekt: plastovú tašku zo supermarketu, lepiacu pištol, nožnic, zapalovač, plastové kolečko zo sprchového závesu (pre nás slovakov to bude plastové kolečko z normálného závesu), kúsok vlny, fixku a tvrdší papier.

Hallows Eve Couture Fashion Show

As a celebration of this years All Hallow's Eve The Eldergoth Macabre, Favole, and Dead Dolls will be hosting an Avant Garde Fashion show on the 15-16th of October, booths will be up for a week but the runway will be those two days only. The point of this event is to find the best creative and innovative designers and show them off.

The event itself has no fee however designer requirements are that anything to showcase will be completely new and never before seen! All designers accepted will be given a booth on the side of the runway for people to purchase your showcased items and whatever else you put up there but everything in the booth must be in avant garde theme which means black and white. Also it is your job to outfit your model, each designer will be given time with a model ( as much as you need) and you need to dress them to your specifications, help them mod things and etc.

Who can apply?: Well since this is the best of SL this is not strictly clothing or female only (any type of designer is welcome). As long as you can do an avant garde theme you can apply. So all  Jewelery, Tattoo, Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, etc designers are welcome.

Booths : There will be a limited amount of people accepted into the runway unfortunately we'd love to get everyone but its a costly and time consuming thing. If you'd like to still participate there will be extra booths for people to set up for instance if you make castles you really cant show that on the runway.

Deadline for Applications is September 20th.

Contact Themis Enzo, AnnabeleLee Dreadlow or Zombina Gunawan

August Horrors!