open studio weekend.

 graphic by vermont-crafts

This is one of the reasons why I love Vermont... Open Studio Weekend... in other words - different artists open their studios to public to show their talent and galleries are showing their best pieces all over the state. There are 12 counties with 226 studios, galleries, cratspeople, and artists. To manage all of the spots on the list is impossible. I had chance to visit five of those special places in Windsor County and it took me almost the whole day. I will introduce you to each place separately because I just have too many pictures for one post:) For now, enjoy the pics I took on the way...
Toto je jeden z dôvodov prečo milujem Vermont... Víkend Otvorených Ateliérov... iným slovom - v celom štáte rôzny umelci otvárajú svoje štúdia svetu a galérie vystavujú najlepšie diela. 12 okresov predstavuje 226 ateliérov, galérii, remeselníkov, a umelcov. Navštívit všetky miesta nieje možné. Mala som šancu vidieť 5 miest zo zoznamu v okrese Windsor a trvalo mi to skoro celý deň. Predstavým Vám každé z týchto miest samostatne kedže mám príliš veľa fotiek, ako vždy:) Nateraz si vychutnajte fotky po ceste...

nerosunero at The Complex by LE COOL- Dublin (review)

nerosunero - Couple
The Complex, Block C, Units 18-21, Smithfield Square, Dublin 7.

Ah, the Italians! Great lovers, accomplished artists, passionate purveyors of all of life's juiciest fruits. It helps to have good hands, I suppose. Mario Sughi (aka nerosunero) has a fine eye and a steady hand and I've liked his vector-illustrations since he did a summer cover for le cool way back in the single digit issues. You know he's Italian by looking at his works. There are girls. Lots of girls. Girls in panties. Girls running on the beach. Half naked girls in laundrettes. It's more abstract than lewd though, and in this exhibition there is subtlety at play. It's a study of those moments couples share and it's the viewer, not the artist, who is the voyeur. Mario may have pedigree through his father Alberto - one of the greatest Italian artists of his generation - but his talent is clearly illustrated on these walls. / Vernon Steel
LE COOL (Dublin, Ireland, 30 VI 2011), *100

Bristol Variations 1

I dont know why they are named variations, perhaps because its a variation from my usual photos, who knows... here is the other part.

Drink: 3 Ingredient Summer Cocktails

Happy Summer lovelies! Hope the weather wherever you are is just as gorgeous as it is here in San Clemente. There's nothing I love more than enjoying the sun with my friends and a yummy cocktail. I'm a sucker for a good classic margarita on the rocks but am wanting to switch it up a little and found myself googling summer cocktail recipes. The problem I find with cocktail recipes is the complexity of them and all the ingredients they usually call for. But lucky me, I found an article from the NY Times about summer cocktails with only 3 ingredients. Well hellooooo, let the party begin!

Excerpt from the article (can be found here):

The Times asked some of the country’s top bartenders to suggest streamlined coolers built for easy warm-weather drinking. The rules were simple: three ingredients, not counting straightforward garnishes, sugar, seltzer and simple syrup. The goal was loads of refreshment with minimal effort.

My favorite drinks from the feature:

Cherry Caipirissima
3/4 ounce simple syrup
3 cherries, pitted and halved
Half a lime, cut into quarters
2 ounces white rum.

In a cocktail shaker, press and mix the simple syrup, cherries and lime quarters with a muddler or wooden spoon. Add the rum and 6 ice cubes. Shake hard and pour everything into a rocks glass.
Yield: 1 drink.

Guadalajara Sour
1 3/4 ounces blanco tequila
3/4 ounce lemon juice
3/4 ounce simple syrup
3/4 ounce chilled rosé.

Combine the tequila, lemon juice and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker, fill with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled rocks glass over fresh ice. Hold a spoon with its back side facing up on the surface of the drink and slowly pour the rosé over it.
Yield: 1 drink.

Sumo Collins
3 ounces gin
2 1/4 ounces fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 ounces simple syrup
Chilled seltzer
1 orange wheel.

Pour the gin, lemon juice and simple syrup into a cocktail shaker, fill with ice, and shake vigorously. Strain into a 24-ounce glass filled with fresh ice, top with seltzer. Garnish with the orange wheel.
Yield: 1 drink.

What's your favorite summer cocktails?
Cheers to summer!

Super Alphabet... collected!

I finally finished all of the Super Alphabet. Now it is available as a T-Shirt on both "Zazzle" and "RedBubble" websites! There is also the first poster version available on "ImageKind" website. All of these versions have no background art to mess with the viewing of the letters but the next version of the poster and T-shirts will have full color backgrounds. I'm also working on backgrounds for each individual letter for the book version. Help out a fellow artist and leave comments on a site that you visit. Thank you in advance.

Downtown From Behind

Ritratti di Newyorkesi pedalanti.

Downtown From Behind  è un progetto di Bridget Fleming, una fotografa Australiana che vive nel cuore di New York dal 2008.

L'idea è fotografare artisti, designers, chefs, modelli e modelle, musicisti, attori newyorkesi, senza farli mettere nella classica posa.
Al contrario, le foto sono scattate in movimento.
Tentativi di sperimentare le possibilità della fotografia di catturare movimento alla Muybridge?
No! Il gesto illuminato dal flash è quello di una "semplice pedalata". 
Spettacolare la scenografia: le stradone di New York, soprattutto Manhattan, in primavera, estate, inverno e autunno.

Sembra un po' una colpetto basso al fashion POSING di Sartorialist, per questo mi piace.
In realtà non sono ritratti, ma, come dice la Fleming The shots are composed as if the biker has center stage, but the street and the whole collection are the stars.”
... sottofondo: "ma dove vai bellezza in bicicletta".

Annalisa D'Urbano


REBAIXAS primavera-verán 2011: "gangas de primera"




An illustration to an article about myopia and environmental factors influencing its development (ESS newspaper).

Tourist: San Clemente, CA - Spanish Village by the Sea

I'm home!  I'm all moved out of San Diego and am now in beautiful San Clemente and boy am I excited to be able to share what my hometown is all about with you.  Starting with this post - a tribute to San Clemente (aka The Clem).  I was fortunate to be born and raised in the Clem and couldn't imagine growing up in any other city.  There is something about the feeling of the city, the type of people who live there, and the overall ambiance that really is special.

San Clemente is a little beach town that is the most southern city in Orange County.  It's known for it's awesome surf spots - Trestles, San Onofre, Trails, Uppers and Lowers - beautiful houses, political history and infamous nuclear power plant.  San Clemente is also home to the North Gate of Camp Pendleton.  The city has a spanish feel and boasts old style spanish architecture throughout the town.

A corner on the city's main street - intersection of Ola Vista and Ave Del Mar

Without trying to give you guys a history lesson, I wanted to let you in on some of the culture that makes San Clemente what it is.
  • San Clemente spans fifteen square miles of coastline and scenic foothills. 
  • The location of the City remained virtually uninhabited until 1776, when Mission San Juan Capistrano was established by Father Junipero Serra and led both Indian and Spanish settlers to set up villages nearby.
  • Former Mayor of Seattle, Ole Hanson purchased and designed a 2,000 acre community in 1925.  He named the City "San Clemente" after San Clemente Island which was named by the explorer Vizcaino in 1602 after Saint Clement.
  • In 1969, former President Nixon purchased a Spanish mansion in the southern part of town that Hamilton Cotton had built in 1927. This "Western White House" became the site of numerous historical meetings.
  • Despite rapid subsequent growth, the City today maintains its small-town atmosphere. The City is bounded on the east by the Cleveland National Forest and on the west by the great Pacific Ocean. 
  • San Clemente boasts "the world's finest climate", with sunshine 342 days per year. The annual average temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 
And as far as our surfing legacy goes, San Clemente catches swells all year long.  It is also the surfing media capital of the world as well as a well known surfing destination. It is home to Surfing Magazine, The Surfer's Journal, and Longboard Magazine, with Surfer Magazine just up the freeway in San Juan Capistrano.

The city has a large concentration of surfboard shapers and manufacturers and many world renowned surfers were raised in San Clemente or took up long-term residence in town.  Plus, San Clemente High School (my alma mater!) has won 6 out of 7 most recent NSSA national surfing titles.

San Clemente Pier
There's nothing that I really dislike about San Clemente, except for maybe the hoards of inlanders that flock to our beaches during the summer.  But hey, I'm a local, so I know all the local spots to hit up to hide from those crazy inlanders. And if you want to visit San Clemente, and want some insider tips, let me know.  I'll make sure to fill you in on all the "hidden secrets" of the Spanish Village by the Sea.

Walking Into Millhaven

I live in a town called Millhaven
And it's small and it's mean and it's cold
But if you come around just as the sun goes down
You can watch the whole town turn to gold
It's around about then that I used to go a-roaming
Singing la la la la la la la lie
All god's children they all gotta die ...  - Nick Cave and the Badseeds

 Millhaven Cottage, a charming little place...

 with rich gold tones

 where all god's children...<inserts evil grin>

 Brilliantly created by the Winged Beast himself, Azazeal Whitfield of October Rust...only 21 prims!

Beautiful Freaks

Welcome to the Beautiful Freaks Burlesque Circus! Every Friday at 7:30SLT!

Yes, that is Zombina and I...glued to the edge of our seats (Zombina and her damn glue)!

The beautiful Boo Eberhardt begins her dangerous moves with NIN Into the Void...

go ahead and admit it, you know you wouldn't mind if she Cuts You Up <insert evil grin>

Ellie Criss gave a Twin Peaks inspired performance, both songs featured Angelo Badalamenti...truly gave me goosebumps!

Curtis was Burning Down the House!

The mesmerizing Miss Slappy Doobie has a little secret in her room...