You Asked For It

please ignore the large "proof" that's covering my face.  me = too cheap to actually buy the picture

I know I've been mia these past couple of days and I wish I could tell you I was basking in the sun on an island in the middle of some remote tropical location. But, no, that would be a lie. In actuality, I was basking the sun at Sea World, working my little fanny off entertaining all the little kiddos who wanted to touch every single breakable item in the store. Yes, super exciting, wouldn't you agree?

Anyways, back to the point of this post. Last week I asked you guys if you had any questions for me and now I am here to answer them. I had a blast reading all your questions and am definitely going to do more Q&A posts in the future - perhaps even another vlog! Ok, now I'm just getting cray cray.

What are your three jobs (you mentioned in currently) + why?
I work at Sea World doing guest services and merchandise - I have only been working there for about 2 weeks, it's a summer seasonal position while I'm out of school on break, I'm a fan photographer for the SD Padres - this is my second season working with this company and I absolutely love it, and I work at VAVi Sport and Social Club doing social media and sponsorship management - I started out as an intern and am now in a contracted position doing special events. I work 3 jobs because I love being busy and having a lot to do. Also, I am responsible for my bills. My parents have helped me pay for school, but I am financially responsible for all other aspects of living.

What are your summer fun plans? 
As you can probably guess, I will be working a lot. But, I do have some fun things planned. I definitely am looking forward to my brother coming home from Florida to visit, happy hours with my girlfriends, catching a few free concerts on Coronado, and possibly even a weekend trip to Santa Barbara or Palm Springs!

What is your favorite beer and food combination? 
I had to really think of this answer! I am a big fan of hoppy beer - like IPAs. One of my favorites is Ballast Point Big Eye IPA and I love pairing it with a grilled chicken burger with avocado and havarti cheese! Since the beer is heavier than a pale ale or blonde, I usually keep my meals on the lighter side, which is why I choose a grilled chicken burger over a cheeseburger. But don't get me wrong, there's nothing I love more than a juicy cheeseburger and an ice cold beer - maybe a Shock Top or Bluemoon! mmm mmm!

What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?
There's so many to choose from!  I guess the most recent one might be when I got stung by a bee on the inside of my top lip.  The part about getting stung wasn't really embarrassing, but having a huge fat lip for like a week wasn't my favorite thing ever.  And then there was that time when I peed my pants in the elevator of my apartment building because I couldn't hold it any more and couldn't take the stairs because I was on crutches.  Yeahhhh, that happened.  Wasn't that embarrassing because I was alone in the elevator and there wasn't a "mess" or anything but walking into my apartment to my roommate and her gf sitting on the couch was a surprise.  We definitely got a good laugh out of it though!

You're walking down the street - what song is following you? 
She's So California - Gary Allan
"Shes a warm Summer breeze with bleached blonde hair, like a fine red wine she can take you there..."

What is your favorite city to visit? And why?
Another toughy! It's hard to choose just one, so I'm not going to! My favorite city I've been to in the US is Boston, hands down. I love the culture and history there. Plus, it's a town that's dedicated to their sports teams, and I love that. I've only been once, but can't wait to go back! My favorite city abroad is Munich, Germany. Germany was my favorite country I visited in Europe and I instantly feel in love with the countryside and little towns. Munich was a beautiful city and I would love to go back. And lastly, I love San Diego. Even though it's where I live, I love "visiting" it. I've lived here for 5 years and there's still so many more things I want to do and see. I can't wait to explore more of this fabulous city!

Alright, there you have it.  A little insight into me.  If you have any more questions, email me! I love getting emails (hint, hint, hint!)


Rags to Riches (in Stratford)

How does that saying go? 
One man's junk is another man's treasure.
There's this juxtaposition of the rhinestones against the ramshackle shed. The heavy substrate allowed me to attach heavier objects to this work. The protruding 3d front door will be enhanced further when I install a tiny blue LED light underneath the drawer pull. It should shine an eerie light down upon the front door and reflect off of the jewels.
I feel like these pieces are so vulnerable and fragile, sticking out from the base with no protection like this. The art is almost as fragile as the actual buildings they depict!

It was all she had, this humble ramshackle home in the woods.
a jewel in the rough.

Protruding Front door
Rags to Riches
(in Stratford)
Mixed Media on vintage cabinet drawer front
Book endpapers, laser prints taken in Stratford, 35mm photos, vintage blueprint, vintage magazine ad, various rhinestone jewelry parts, vintage engraving, postcard 

The Scorpion Deity

  Another Creature Feature Hunt gift that deserves the spotlight, ImmateriA's Serqet an homage to Egyptian Scorpion Deities. The skirt is crafted to look like the body of a scorpion, a beautiful brooch decorates the front. 

 The skirt and sleeves include a resize script to allow for an easier fit, another great detail is the shadow scorpion on the front of the shirt.This is a WICKED outfit!

 The outfit is quite versatile, remove the shirt and you can pull off your own Scorpion King look.

Creature Feature begins June 1st.

Reminiscenze della pittura Nabis.

La collezione fw2011 di Mary Katrantzou fotografata ispirandosi a Bonnard.

Si può giungere ad attribuire alle cose valori puramente immaginari (alberi rossi, cavalli blu), a trasformare la linea  di contorno in arabesco colorato.
                                                                                                            Giulio Carlo Argan
                                                                                                                              (Pont-Aven e Nabis)

Il senso di ogni colore è dato dall'espansione che ha sulla superficie, dalla forma della zona colorata, dal rapporto contrasto con le altre, dal modo con cui assorbe e riflette la luce.
Così si definisce il cloisonnisme, termine scelto da Gauguin in riferimento alla sua nuova visione pittorica che si ispira allo smalto delle vetrate medievali, in cui ogni campo di colore è delimitato da un bordo metallico.
In questo Gauguin influenza il movimento dei Nabis (in ebraico:profeti), artisti francesi della seconda generazione simbolista. L'arte popolare e primitiva, le stampe giapponesi, Chavannes, Redon furono i loro punti di riferimento; sintesi, decorazione, arabesco, suggestione, deformazione, espressione, simbolo, le loro parole d'ordine.
Proprio a partire da Bonnard, Denis, Vuillard, Maillon è pensato questo servizio fotografico capolavoro realizzato da  Erik Madigan Heck.
Gli abiti sono di  Mary Katrantzou.
La fashion designer greca presenta la sua linea fw11. In sintonia le tendenze policrome dei tessuti,  la collezione si distingue per il modo in cui il colore trionfa: post impressionista, nabis.
Denis (rappresentante di questa corrente pittorica)  affermò che "un quadro, prima di essere un cavallo, un nudo o un aneddoto, è essenzialmente una superficie piatta ricoperta di colore." Sostituite la parola quadro con abito e tutto vi apparirà chiaro.

Annalisa D'Urbano


Mary Katrantzou FW 2011 collection
Exclusive photographic portfolio by Erik Madigan Heck
Photographs by Erik Madigan Heck
Styling by Heidi Bivens
Hair by Weasley O’Meara
Make-Up by Deanna Melluso
Model: Janice at Ford
Set Design by Shaun Kato Samuel
Post-Production by Michael dos Santos
and Andrew Bennett for Versatile Studios
Clothing by Mary Katrantzou
Additional Jewelry by Candace Ang.


The Dead Dolls of SL has a creepy little gridwide hunt beginning on June 1 and Favole offers a sweet little dead thing, a blood-licking luscious skin called Dead.

Continue to check out the blog for more creature feature items...and don't forget to swing by Favole and grab your pretty little dead thing!

DRESS TO DRESS: :colección chica S/S 11 LOREAK MENDIAN








In the Dark Forest

Muse Demonia of Nocturna Gothic Designs has added an addition to her Gothic Kingdom, a beautiful dark forest. D.H. Lawrence wrote, "This is what I believe: That I am I. That my soul is a dark forest. That my known self will never be more than a little clearing in the forest. That gods, strange gods, come forth from the forest into the clearing of my known self, and then go back. That I must have the courage to let them come and go."

Deep into the forest sits beautiful bodies of water and here the water creates reflections..."Sex and beauty are inseparable, like life and consciousness. And the intelligence which goes with sex and beauty, and arises out of sex and beauty, is intuition." D.H. Lawrence.