a hole in one

When I was at home last weekend my parents and I went golfing for the afternoon.  It was the first time I had gotten to golf since I broke my ankle in December.  I was so excited to get back out on the golf course.  I didn't have my camera with me, but I snapped a few pictures with my cell phone.  The weather was awesome and we had such a blast spending the afternoon together with some friendly competition.

Da un tormentone a Pozzanghere.

Piove.Piove.Piove. Piove: GOSSIP! 
Cosa c'è di più facile che cadere in una Pozzanghera?

Ieri 29 Aprile 2011 (giornata che passerà alla storia per il Matrimonio tra Cenerentola e il Principe Azzurro) in rete e sui social network siamo tutti caduti in una simpatica Pozzanghera.

Per sfuggire alla tormenta del gossip e fare un po' di ironia sui fatti,  l'idea geniale di Pozzanghere è stata rivendicare la supremazia sul regno delle copertine inglesi della vera Kate. 
Kate Moss sfida la novella sposa Kate Middleton: THERE IS ONLY ONE KATE IN LONDON


Più che alla bella e dannata Kate Moss, al matrimonio reale, e alla Cenerentola di turno, Nenas si inchina, come fanno le damigelle, davanti all'estro e all'ironia di Pozzanghere!

Lo slogan "look beyond your world" la dice tutta su questo team di creativi.

Pozzanghere trae ispirazione dalla pioggia  di informazioni provenienti dal web per creare attraverso le immagini selezionate un collage che a suo modo FA informazione e DIVENTA informazione.

"Ogni giorno, su internet piovono milioni d idee.La maggior parte scompaiono. Altre si aggregano e diventano Pozzanghere".



Annalisa D'Urbano


It's preview time! ikr like.. yay n stuff \o/  Today I have an awesome preview to show you from one of my favorite SL stores. ( home of the awesome Zombina skin *cough*) Beauty Killer is not only a store fulla awesome but a sponsor of the Guild of Gloom Carnival Sinister, and Kevinn has made some adorable things for the event!

Up first is the Carnival Girl outfit.. and I'm not kidding when I say outfit lol. This one comes with the dress, stockings, a sculpted tie and not one but two parasols to choose from. ( I love the skull! so cute <3) The umbrellas have a cute hold pose built into them ( not shown because I'm a posewhore like that lol) 

Next are the adorable Starnival umbrellas. I love these! While you get 4 striped colors to choose from I of course has to choose pink to show you today lol. ( yus I know PINK BURN IT!!!! but I like pink, don't judge lol)

Like the carnival girl outfit umbrella you get 2 choices for each color so that makes a pack of 8 umbrellas total! 

Fallen Angels of Favole

 Azrael, the newest item from Favole...

 black sculpted wings of the Archangel of Death.

 Sing a song of Sorrow, Favole sculpted collar.

 Carnival Sinsitre is the Guild of Gloom Charity Event that will begin on May 1, Favole has an exclusive item that will benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Azrael in white, "...to separate the human soul from the body at the moment of death".

Creeping with Club Crawlers!

Time to crawl out of the crypt and into the club with the Eldergoth Macabre on our first of many club crawls! Club Crawlin with the Macabre will take place every Thursday evening, but we will add more days and times as we build momentum! Make sure to grab the itinerary when we post it in group, so if you cannot join us right away you can kick it with us later on. We plan on crawling into many different clubs...

Club WeCouldn'tNamethisShit

 The beautiful Themis Enzo of Favole, you never quite know where night beauty creeps until you explore the possibilities!

 Kickin' it at Club Zero at The Eldergoth Macabre coming out party, the Danse Macabre!

 Vamped-Up Naenia Demina of ImmateriA at our Danse Macabre!

 Even the Zombies will come and play, pictured above is Dead Dolls fearless leader Zombina Gunawan (and Belle Morte store owner), bloody nurse outfits are HAWT!

 My beloved EdgarAllen taking some time to join us during our Thursday Club Crawlin.

 Purr, oh yes it is the sexy DJ Hestia Wylie at Club Zero!


Friday's Fancies: Summertime & The Livings Easy

With the weather warming up and the sun shining in San Diego, I can't wait for summer to officially be here.  There's nothing I love more than strolling around Pacific Beach shopping and hitting up the bars for a margarita (or two!).  This outfit is totally something I'd rock on a Sunday afternoon when I'm out with friends.  A flowy top, classic shorts and a bright light scarf to brighten up the outfit and protect against any possible chiiliness.  I can't wait till the day when I can rock an outfit just like this one!

summer lovin


Be sure to link up with {av} over at {long distance loving} for some Royal Wedding Friday Fancies!

Horror Haute Emerges!

Horror Haute has emerged! The Eldergoth Macabre & Dead Dolls have teamed up to bring Horror Haute, a monthly sales event that will take place at the end of each calendar month. For one week each participating store will offer an item for a low price of 50L, 100L or 200L.

Participating stores will create an item that meets the criteria of all that may encompass horror: gore, blood, monster, supernatural, or ultra screaming violence.

The "Horror Haute" is now open for enrollment for all the fiendish fashionista's searching for that little something special. If you are a store owner interested in joining us, please contact myself, AnnabeleLee Dreadlow or Zombina Gunawan.

Our first installment of Horror Haute will begin Wednesday, May 25th through Tuesday, May 31. Seven Days of Blood, Guts, and Gore!

Fitting Room.



Fitting Room es una cita pionera y exclusiva con el arte, la moda y el diseño en un contexto artístico e innovador dentro de las habitaciones de un hotel, ambientadas y convertidas en un mundo personal por cada creador. 
La 5ª edición tendrá lugar por primera vez en el Hotel B de Barcelona el día 14 de julio de 2011Cada habitación será una auténtica obra de arte, donde la creatividad fluirá a ojos de los visitantes. Para ello, en el hotel dispondremos de 28 habitaciones en dos de sus plantas, en las que se mostrarán los últimos diseños de cada uno de sus creadores. 
Creatividad e innovación en un solo espacio.
En esta quinta edición, THE BRANDERY será nuevamente event partner de Fitting RoomTal y como hizo en la última edición, seleccionará un participante al que otorgará un stand de 9 metros cuadrados en su próximo showroom de invierno. 
Recordemos que en el último Fitting Room, el afortunado elegido fue Salvador Bachiller.
Diez prestigiosas tiendas de arte, moda y diseño de Barcelona participarán en Fitting Room seleccionando diez participantes para después exponer y distribuir en sus locales.

Fotógrafa: Isabel Fuentes Rey

En la última edición de Fitting Room, amantes del arte, la moda y el diseño, bloggers, trendsetters y medios de comunicación recorrieron 24 habitaciones del Hotel Petit Palace Art Gallery de Madrid donde artistas y diseñadores procedentes de seis países (Italia, Venezuela, Colombia, Bélgica, México y, como siempre, España),  expusieron sus trabajos.

easter brunch

I was lucky enough to be able to spend Easter weekend at home with my parents.  On Sunday, we had a nice brunch with my grandparents, complete with mimosas!  I helped my mom cook all the food for the brunch.  We had an egg casserole with onions, ham and jalepenos, coffee cake, and homemade pigs in a blanket.  The brunch was delicious and filling!  The Easter bunny even dropped off a basket for me - so nice of him to be remember me :)  He even threw in a couple boxes from Nordstrom this year!!

Mom & Dad - Poppin the bubbly

Grandma & Mom
My homemade pigs in a blanket
Hope you all had a great Easter Weekend!

san francisco

I know it's been a couple weeks since my SF vacation but I just now got all the photos uploaded and edited - all 230 of them.  Don't worry, I'm not going to post them all here, just a few of my favorites.  

I had such a fun time in SF and can't wait to go back.  It's definitely a city I could see myself living in.  Who knows, maybe one day.