The Story Of The Black Elephant And Pirate Ship

When I think of Nomine in SL, one word comes to mind, Iconic. Readily recognized, Nomine embodies certain qualities: darkness and haute couture inspired aesthetics.

Hand made skins from the dark to the absurd. Pictured above is Nomine skin, China White in Red Glitter.

 This gorgeous outfit is Babylon, many layers/pieces, boots and hair included (hair not shown in picture).

As I wandered through the woods, a green mist began to follow...

 I decided it would be in my best interest to sharpen my nails!

 Outside Nomine I was thrilled to find the beautifully crafted pirate ship by Relic who is no longer on the grid.

 Nomine, Nomine (186, 60, 29)

 Another iconic figure is certainly Schadenfreude and the beautiful sculpted elephant that holds Gothic elegance.

 The other creative shop is the Home & Garden store that is a giant birdhouse held up with bird feet.

 Inside, even the walls become works of art.

 Big Glass Bird Ornament complete with two seats and texture change.

 Schadenfreude jewelry worn above is the Starlust Charm Bracelet and Haunted Pearl Earrings.

 Above, I am wearing Caged Dress in green.

 Inside Home & Garden.
Schadenfreude at Lloyd - The Sta, Lloyd (38, 49, 33)

Versace SS11

Il classico* che non passa mai di moda.

Per la collezione primavera estate 2011 Donatella Versace non si smentisce. 

Continua la ricerca all'insegna delle innovazioni nei materiali, nei tagli e cut-out all'avanguardia, che sembrano poter convivere in perfetta armonia con un linguaggio sensuale e rigorosamente classico.
In questo caso l'aggettivo non poteva essere più appropriato.

Il Dna Versace, la struttura di questo marchio, è la classicità intesa come l' insieme di ideali estetici della civiltà greca e latina

Tra i codici stilistici compaiono le fantasie di greche, di diverse forme e dimensioni. Il panneggio viene sostituito dalle frange, che tagliando il tessuto, ne amplificano il movimento, creando un effetto scenografico.

Il vestito nella foto, a mio parere, rappresenta il climax della collezione. Inedito per il ritmo e la capacità di essere minimal, pur se optical. Incontro tra archeologia e contemporaneità. Costruito sul corpo, aderente ma su vari strati, e allo stesso tempo dall'appeal celebrale. 

Apollineo e dionisiaco.

Annalisa D'Urbano

Guest Post: Chill out in SD - Encinitas Style

Hi everyone! I'm Jillian, from Iron & Sunshine, and I'm so happy to be guest posting for Kelsey while she is in SF! Mostly because, like Kelsey, I have a deep love for all things San Diego. At the age of ten, my family and I moved from Hawaii to the beautiful area of "North County" (about 40 minutes away from Downtown SD). Since I love browsing Kelsey's "Sightsee in SD" tabs, I though an entry on my hometown of Encinitas, CA would be a great addition. Why, you ask? Because it's one of the best beach towns around!

Welcome, friends...

Encinitas, CA is a town that encompasses many businesses, homes, schools, and restaurants. The best part, however, is what's located on Highway 101. Driving along the 101 leads to amazing views of the Pacific and a perfect gateway into surfer friendly beach towns. The best of these beach towns are what I like to call the "north county trifecta" (yes, I just made that up) of Cardiff by the Sea, Encinitas, and Leucadia. All are pretty similar, but Encinitas has the best beaches and burritos (very important).

Here's a little map so you don't feel lost:
Like I said earlier, Encinitas is about 35-40 minutes away from the downtown airport (less or more depending on traffic). If you are stuck downtown with or without a car, you can easily access north county by the coaster. This train is super fast, very clean, and it takes you along the gorgeous coastline of San Diego. My friends and I use it to get down to SD Padre sgames (baseball) because you can drink and chill out (not sure if that's still the case). At any rate, it's an awesome mode of transportation that drops you off in the perfect Encinitas location (on the 101 within walking distance to the beach). 

What is there to do in Encinitas, you ask?

Well, you can ...
-Beach it 
-Shop at cute boutiques and awesome vintage shops like Flashbacks.
-Grab a coffee and pastry at The Pannikin and watch the surfers do their thing
- Visit the Swami's Self Realization Fellowship center [top left] for some yoga or a mediative walk through their gardens.
- Take a walk and a look at the beautiful homes, like the unique Boat Houses [bottom right].
-Enjoy a burrito, fish tacos, or a Kealani's plate lunch (Hawaiian food).
(Side note: my dad used to play ukulele at Kealani's on Wednesdays. If you crave shave ice, li hing mui, malasadas, and kalua pork, this place is for you.)

[1] [2] [3] [4]
In fact, Encinitas is home to the best Burrito places on the 101: 
  1. Raul's Shack is just that--a shack. It's a small Mexican food "hut" with amazing burritos and a walk away from D-Street beach (It's obviously located on D-Street). I'm not a big meat eater, so I get a bean, rice, cheese burrito with their yummy salsa. I'm making myself hungry right now. 
  2. Juanitas is located on the 101 and doesn't look like much on the outside, but let me tell's delicious. Be sure to try a California Burrito (carne asada, cheese, french fries, sour cream). Super  unhealthy, but unbelievably scrumptious.
  3.  Filiberto's is right next door to Raul's (I should say that Raul's is located right next to Fili's because it's an actual sit down place). I'm adding it to the list because it's open 24 hours, has a drive through, and is the place to eat after the bars close at 2am. It definitely hits the spot when you have the drunk munchies.
When you come to Encinitas, be sure to take a swim at Swami's Beach.

It is my favorite California beach of all time.
Mostly because it's a great surf spot (many a pro surf here) and it 's where I like to body surf.

my cousin Trent & the Swami's sunset
Swami's is also usually less crowded than other beaches like Moonlight and D-street.
I love the peacefulness of reading alone on the warm sand.

Can't you imagine yourself sitting and watching the surf? (with burrito in hand?)
Imagine yourself swimming with the dolphins (they love to surf the San Diego waves).

Well friends,
writing this makes me want to go home to Encinitas so badly.
I really hope you get a chance to visit this sandy town sometime in the future!
If you already live in SD, take some time to chill out in Enci.
You won't regret it.
perfect Enci picture
Peace ♥ Love ♥ & Burritos ♥

p.s. Kelsey, I hope you have a fab time celebrating your 23rd in San Fran! Can't wait to hear all about it.


Thanks so much Jill - Encinitas is one of my favorite places in SD, how lucky you were to grow up there!  Thanks for the great tips!! xo

Ingrediants: Wings, Blood Roses & Sugar Skulls

 Softly as brown-eyed Angels rove/ I will return to thy alcove/And glide upon the night to thee/Treading the shadows silently (Baudelaire). Treading in the shadows silently is Material Squirrel with a huge collection of incredible wings to choose from.

 Not far from the main entrance a beautifully landscaped area, perfect for photo opportunities! Pictured, I am wearing Material Squirrel's Arch Demon Wings in Bright Red.

 Material Squirrel Wings, Winged Isle (127, 174, 36)

 I do love a store capable of an accurate self description, Gothic curiosities and indeed the description is quite fitting for Crushed Violets!

 The store offers eyes, shapes, clothing items, skyboxes, seance table,bloody treats galore...

 and so much more!

 Pictured above is Hush, a dollarbie item.

 Every Rose Has Its Thorns, a beautiful sculpted red rose that includes a bloody mouth layer.

 CRUSHED VIOLETS MAINSTORE, Thorncliff (142, 234, 54)

 B&B Spiritual Supplies  - a Botanica that offers jewelry, art, oddities, 7-day candles, herbs, spiritual supplies and found objects that a practitioner of Louisiana Voodoo or Southern Hoodoo may need for rituals, altars or everyday living. 

 The sign reads: There ain't no rest for the wicked!

B&B Spiritual Supplies ~ a Botanica ~ Main Store, Night Whispers, (194, 222, 3001).