Date Night & Monday's Munchies [MM7]

Today is Monday's Munchies.  Last night was date night.  What a perfect combination, right?  Last night I got all dressed up in my finest clothes that just so happen to somewhat match the sexy grey boot I'm forced to wear on my left foot and headed out on the town.  Well, to a restaurant, but still, I like to make it seem like I live a more exciting life than I really do.  Anyyyyways ... New top, semi new jacket, skinny jeans; I was ready to roll.

shirt: target $20, jacket: burlington coat factory $25, hat: hawaii
[Beer: Harvest Hefeweizen]
It has been raining here all day, which makes it even harder for me to get out and about around town, considering I can't really hold an umbrella when I crutch, that'd be a pretty hilarious sight if you ask me. After being cooped up all day in my apartment, I needed to get out.

So I planned date night. And who was my date, you ask? My sexy friend Jade. Her and I have been friends for about a year now. We met when we were both working for the photography department for the Padres baseball team and it was instant friendship. Her and I are so similar it's like we were separated at birth. Witty, sarcastic, sassy and loud. When her and I are together you better have a pair of ear plugs around because our laughing and loud mannerisms might just start to bother you (now you can't say I didn't warn you.) Anyways, she's definitely one of my closest friends and I am so blessed to have her in my life.

[Beer: Berry Blast Cider]
We went to BJ's tonight to catch up. I haven't seen her since before the accident and we had a lot to discuss and inform each other about. Plus, my boss gave me a $25 gift card for my hard work at a recent event, so I thought I'd share the love.  If you have never eaten at a BJs before, google your nearest location, hop in your car, and go now!  The food is yummy and the beer is ahhhhmazing!

I feel like I ate so much, but it was all so good I just couldn't help myself!  Good thing we shared!  The food was delicious and we made sure to look at the calories that were listed on the menu to help us make better choices.  However, there was a point or two during our choosing of what we should order where we both kinda decided to throw up a big middle finger to the calories on the menu and just go with what sounded bomb.  Hey, a girl has got to treat herself every now and again, right?

Mini Bruschetta with Pesto Vinaigrette 

Margherita Fresca w/ Pepperoni Flatbread

Fried Artichoke with Lemon Garlic Aioli

And of course, no trip to BJs is complete without one of these lovelies ...

Chocolate Chip / White Chocolate Mac Nut Pazooki

It was such a great way to end the weekend.  Good food, good beer, good conversation and a great friend!  I'm so thankful to have the friends I have in my life (real and in the blogging world!) and don't know what I would do without their continuous love and support.  Thanks you guys!  

Oh, I almost forgot.  When I was waiting in the parking lot for the rain to let up before crutching to the restaurant, a local radio station was giving away tickets to a private concert and meet and great with Gloriana.  I decided to give my luck a try and guess what?  I WON!!  Now, if you ask my friends (like Kai and Em) about my luck with winning radio giveaways, they will probably tell you I win all the time, but that's totally not true. Well, it's kinda true.  I guess I'm just lucky!  I can't wait to go to the concert, and hopefully Kai will be joining me.  And don't worry, lots and lots of pictures to come of that night!!  


Project: Do Me

In addition to this week's Monday's Munchies, I'm posting about a new project I joined called "Project: Do Me" hosted by Travel Babbles . The main gist of the project is to "ask yourself what can you do every day, every week, every month and ultimately by the end of this year to invest in YOU and your own happiness and well being." This includes creating happiness goals for the following: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. So, without further adieu, here goes some goal making.

Get to bed earlier
Drink more water
Write in my food journal

Get together with the girls more
Cook more dinners instead of microwave meals
Track my weight loss honestly

Meet with my professors at least twice during office hours
Spend time with my parents
Discover a new restaurant, bar or locale in SD
Attend more church services
Keep track of my spending
Do a body cleanse
Read and finish a new book each month

Meet my weight loss goals
Change my eating habits for the better, time to get healthy!
Graduate and utilize my resources to find a job I'm happy with
Become happy with who I am and where I'm going in life

I can't wait to achieve all these goals.  It feels so great to write them out and look at what I hope to do this year.  Of course, there are more goals that are more complicated, or way outlandish, but that's not the point of this project.  These are my totally reachable, totally attainable, totally ME goals.

Head on over HERE to link up!

[SLTS4] Family Love & A Mini Bus

Today, I'm so loving that ...

I survived my night on the town with crutches (pictures to come)
I'm back in action at my internship with VAVi
I have the best family who always has my back (thanks Kim!)
cousins by chance, best friends by choice
My friends are just as crazy as I am
I only have 3 more weeks till I can walk again
I got to sleep in both days this weekend
The floor of my room is clothes free (such an accomplishment for me!)
I'm beginning to be stronger when it comes to heartbreak and disappointment
My date to Hodad's with my best friend Erin and the fact that we sat in "the bus"
sorry for the quality - taken on erin's phone
I'm almost done with my Beautiful Belly Challenge post (link up here)
I think I'm going to be doing my first VLOG! yay!
My Saturday night consisted of the new Cosmo and skype 

What you loving this Sunday, friends?
Be sure to link up so we can all see your lists!


how to wrap a present 100 ways... pearl chain.

Another simple packaging for a Christmas event... or any other if you wish.

SD Farmers' Markets

The lovely Meri of Meri - Goes - Round recently posted about her trip to a few different farmers' markets in Santa Monica, SF (I can't wait to go here in March!) and Seattle.  This got me thinking of all the great farmers' markets that are at my convenience in San Diego, and how I don't take advantage of them enough.  Now I know many of you do not live in SD and will not be making your way out to the sunny west coast any time soon, but I just had to share how lucky we are in SD to be able to shop locally almost every day of the week.


As many of you may remember, with the new year came a new healthy eating style for me.  I've done well so far and am excited to continue along the path I have created so far.  One of my goals was to eat more locally and cook with fresher ingredients.  This being said, I can't wait to get out to the farmers' markets now that I'm back in SD and have gotten pretty good on these crutches.  To me, there's no better place to get your produce than from the local growers and nothing tastes better than cooking with fresh herbs and spices.  Plus, there's always gorgeous flowers to brighten up your kitchen table.

I'm also very proud to say that my school, San Diego State, has its very own farmers' market every Thursday on campus.  It's a BYOB event (bring your own bag!) and features "local food, as well as, whenever possible, organic and sustainable food options . This is done along with promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Our market promotes ecological, economic and a sustainable food supply." (via)  Plus, it's a fun way for our campus to come together and support going green!  
Here's a list of some of my other favorite famers' markets in San Diego (via):

Coronado: 2:30-6 p.m., corner of First and B streets (Old Ferry Landing)

Ocean Beach: 4-7 p.m. (4 to 8 p.m. in Summer) 4900 block of Newport Avenue.

North Park: 3 p.m. - sunset, CVS Pharmacy parking lot at University and 32nd St. 
San Diego State: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., South Hepner Hall, Campanile Walkway (on campus)

Mission Valley: 3 to 7 p.m., Westfield Mission Valley Mall - East Parking Lot near Macy's, 2028 Camino del Este 92108.

Little Italy Mercato: 9 am - 1:30 pm, Date Street-India to Columbia -North Side
Pacific Beach: 8 a.m.-noon, Mission Boulevard between Reed Avenue and Pacific Beach Boulevard (at Promenade Mall).

Hillcrest: 9 a.m.-1 p.m., corner of Normal and Cleveland streets (DMV parking lot).
La Jolla: 9 a.m.- 1 p.m., Girard Avenue at Genter Street (La Jolla Elementary School).
Downtown Third Avenue Market and Asian Bazaar: 9 to 1 400 block of Third Avenue between Island Ave and J Street. 

I can't wait to post pictures of all my trips to these amazing markets!  And thanks Meri for the inspiration to get back out into my community and shop locally.  


the mantel.

I mentioned before Christmas that I'm planning a project for our fireplace mantel, couple deers and so on. I did get a pair and here is my little forest arrangement.
 deer pair, pinecones, moss wreath by retif, mushroom candles by czechoslovakia, dry tillandsia from curel

traveling... again.

Yes! I just came home on Wednesday and I am leaving already, for Germany. Couple days in Frankfurt to see couple fairs like PaperWorld and CreativeWorld. I'm hoping to bring couple samples. I can't wait.

Friday's Fancies: Dreaming of Spring

Today I'm participating in my very first Friday Fancies hosted by the lovely {av} over at Long Distance Loving.  She's seriously amazing and you should go check out her blog as soon as you are done reading mine hehe.  Her blog always always always makes me smile!  Plus she's super sweet, it's a great combo!

I've been getting antsy for spring to get here. The weather in San Diego is already gorgeous and continuously in the high 70s, but there's nothing quite like the smell and feel of spring. I can't wait to be able to rock my cutest tanks and strut myself around campus sans crutches. Also, I just discovered polyvore (I know, shocking) and I'm now obsessed, so I'm giving you fair warning that there will be plenty more outfits thrown together that I am lusting over showing up on this here blog. Hope you don't mind!

This little outfit is definitely something I would rock to school or around town to run errands or enjoy a nice lunch with a friend. I love how fun the tank is, makes me instantly think of spring time! And the best part is that all those items are under $50! (It's important to me to be kind to my wallet!)

I've never really mentioned my style or the type of clothes I like to wear. My fashion sense is a tad bit all over the place. I'm a beach bum at heart, but try to stay up to date with the newest trends. Truth be told, I'm happiest in jeans and a loose fitting tank or shirt, much like the one shown above. Also, although I have a huge box of high heels, I'd rather wear sandals. I'm all about comfort and functionality, with a little attitude and pazazz to spice things up a bit.

What are your Friday Fancies?
Head over to Long Distance Loving to link up :)


PS. Don't forget to enter my giveaway.  Click here!


I am getting little bit tired of it though. At least, it was quite smooth flight this time going back to Europe and I had like 3 seats just for me, almost like first class:) I made it home yesterday and slept the whole day today. The only think that messes it up is time change. I just hate jet lag! I will be like from another planet while getting back to the European time schedule. Wish me luck:)
While I was waiting for my connecting flight... art at the JFK airport... very inspirational!

happiness is ...

Things that are making me happy as school slowly starts taking over my life: hot fresh edamame, my grandmother's fabulous birthday picture I framed, my Ramzi baby.

Other things keeping me sane: my friends and their silly words of wisdom of where to find cute boys, the strawberry lemonade packets for my water bottle, new purple nail polish on my toes, my new bedding and my new found obsession for polyvore.


p.s. Stole this idea from Michelle over at Oh, Mishka.  She's wonderful.

mellow yellow

I watched Eat, Pray, Love for the first time last night and fell in love with the movie. I have not read the book yet, but definitely will now. During the movie, Julia Roberts and her friend go shopping for new jeans because they can't fit into their current jeans due to all the delicious food they have been consuming in Italy. There's a shot of her trying on a pair of yellow skinny jeans and the minute I saw them, I knew I had to have them. Yellow jeans might be tough to pull off, but I'm going to rock them with the best of my ability! I can't wait to get my hands on a pair of these babies!!

mellow yellow

mellow yellow by kelseykay31
all items under $50 

[WW5] For You, My Friends

"My wish, for you, 
is that this life becomes all that you want it to. 
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small. 
You never need to carry more than you can hold."
- Rascal Flatts

Today I'm focusing my Wednesday Wishes on you,
my fabulous followers; my friends.

I wish you have a fabulous day.
That you worry less and smile more.
That you laugh often and cry never.
I wish you achieve your goals.
That you do something great and are proud of yourselves.
I wish you nothing but happiness.
I wish that you know you are beautiful,
and that you know you are loved.

xo, Kelsey

What are your Wednesday Wishes?

[[ and special thanks to Brooke for hosting ]]


Must nel guardaroba di ogni dandy che si rispetti il PAPILLON è destinato a non passare 

mai di moda, perchè assolutamente fuori-dalla-moda.

Non vi lasciate ingannare da chi vi parla delle nuove tendenze dell'anno e vi propone il 


Nella storia e nell'identità di questo accessorio, che prende il nome di "farfallino" (o meglio 

noeud papillon a partire dal 1904 in seguito al successo dell'opera di Puccini Madame 

Butterfly) sta il motivo di questa affermazione.

Oggetto di culto tra l'alta borghesia dell'ottocento,  ma anche tra i poeti maledetti e i circoli 

degli artisti squattrinati, il papillon è diventato  il simbolo di una eleganza Kitsch (ovvero 

oggetto la cui forma non derivi dalla funzione) . 

Un feticcio per chi preferisce essere eleganti senza rinunciare all'ironia e al gioco, burlandosi 

della serietà.

D'altro canto, mettere una farfalla al collo è la forma migliore per lasciare che la mente prenda 

il volo e si conceda alla beata contemplazione della bellezza fatta di piaceri.

Stiamo parlando di un oggetto tanto contraddittorio da poter essere indossato da un clown e 

da un agente segreto dei servizi Britannici (007).

Il farfallino non è moda, ma uno strumento artistico che al collo di chi lo sa indossare, può 

produrre effetti al di sopra delle aspettative.

Per questo motivo lo considero  atemporale.

Destinato a rimanere per l'eternità il simbolo di chi non subisce la moda, ma si diletta ad 

esserne il fiero assassino: il dandy.

Colui capace, come Baudleire, di vestire solamente in diverse tonalità di grigio, ad eccezione 

per :

- i suoi guanti color primula, rosa e giallo;
- una sciarpa rossa, oltraggiosamente indossata solo ai funerali; 
- i papillon confezionati su misura.

Ultimamente il fiocchetto si è rivisto sulle passerelle di Dolce e Gabbana in colori e fantasie 

per tutti i gusti, su uomini e donne, al collo, sulla testa, e addirittura sulle scarpe.

Marc Jacobs ha proposto dei papillon derivati da cravatte infiocchettate, mentre Salvatore 

Ferragamo continua l'abbinata vincente di papillon e smoking indossato da silhouette 

dall'aspetto androgeno.

Nonostante la sua ricomparsa sulle passerelle invernali, vi invito a tenere sempre da conto la 

cara vecchia memoria del papillon..e a leggervi (prima di infiocchettarvi) IL POETA DELLA 

VITA MODERNA di Baudleire.

In questo breve saggio troverete la chiave per comprendere la mia teoria sul papillon che vi 

sintetizzo in questa affermazione: 

Perchè ogni modernità acquisti il diritto di diventare antichità, occorre che sia stata tratta 

fuori la bellezza misteriosa che vi immette, inconsapevole, la vita umana.

(Le peintre de la vie moderne. 1863.Charles Baudelaire)

Insomma dietro a un semplice nodo alla gola, c'è la bellezza di una vita da farfalla.

Annalisa D'Urbano

Dadaismo e cioccolata con Montagen C.

Montagen è qualcosa di meno dell’arte e qualcosa in più della bigiotteria, è semplicemente al di là anche del suo stesso punto di partenza.

Appuntamento in una deliziosa sala da thè//libreria per scambiare quattro chiacchere con Chiara la designer che sta dietro al progetto MONTAGEN C.
Sorseggiando la mia cioccolata arrivo alla conclusione che sembra non esserci termine più adatto per definire gioie, gli oggetti da lei disegnati-pensati-realizzati.
I piccoli montaggi sono infatti gioielli nel senso più semplice del termine (ornamenti indossati), che, nati per un gioco di addizioni (che ricorda il collage) aspirano ad essere motivo di divertimento e allegria per chi li indossa.
Quasi a volerci ricordare che è bello indossare qualcosa solo per il proprio piacere, al dì là degli sguardi e dei giudizi altrui.

Che cos'è Montagen C.?

Montagen C. è un progetto di micro-design. Lo scopo che si prefigge è quello di dare vita a piccoli oggetti decorativi che sappiano allietare lo sguardo, senza troppe pretese.
Le creazioni di Montagen devono essere una sorta di punto di ristoro per gli occhi, sovraccaricati dalle immagini di un mondo spesso davvero poco gradevole.

Da dove viene l'idea? Cosa ti ha ispirato?

Definisco Montagen un progetto post-dada, e in questa definizione si può rintracciare l’idea di base e l’ispirazione principale dello stesso.
Dada mi ha ispirato non solo per quanto riguarda l’uso del fattore “casualità”, ma soprattutto per quella sua straordinaria capacità di capovolgere l’intera complessità del reale partendo da un’inversione del significato degli oggetti d’uso quotidiano.
L’aggiunta del prefisso “post” non è solo dovuta al fatto che dada ha avuto una precisa collocazione storica, ma implica un andare oltre generale, perché Montagen è qualcosa di meno dell’arte e qualcosa in più della bigiotteria, è semplicemente al di là anche del suo stesso punto di partenza.

Come crei i tuoi gioielli? Raccontaci come vengono assemblati i pezzi//oggetti secondo quali criteri?

I gioielli vengono creati partendo dal materiale che li compone, che viene scelto, studiato e manipolato. Tutto nasce da un riconoscimento; guardando un frammento di negativo fotografico, piuttosto che una piccola lampadina da torcia fulminata, mi chiedo se questa possa essere letta come semplice materiale estetico, abbandonando qualunque funzione originaria. Se la risposta a questa domanda è sì metto in comunicazione il piccolo oggetto con altri elementi, e li compongo in modo da creare un gioiello.
Ma credo che nella maggior parte dei casi non ci siano poi molte scelte da parte mia: la cosa che ho tra le mani contiene già la potenzialità di un anello, o di un pendente, io la faccio solo emergere con accorgimenti spesso davvero minimi.

Tra le tue creazioni si possono distingere diverse "linee" a seconda dei materiali utilizzati, dello stile che a volte è più pop altre ricorda l'estetica dada..che ne pensi?

Definisco tutte le mie creazioni “montaggi”, e li divido per serie, a seconda del materiale usato. Ogni serie nasce da una diversa idea in un diverso momento, e ognuna di queste è precisamente indirizzata e definita dagli elementi che la compongono.
Una delle serie che preferisco è “Montaggi Analogici”, una raccolta di collane, spille, orecchini e anelli ottenuti utilizzando residui di negativo fotografico.
Trovo molto affascinante l’idea di superare il medium, rendendo un “veicolo”, quale normalmente è la pellicola, oggetto estetico autonomo.
Inoltre penso sempre che un accessorio da indossare debba restituire serenità nel momento in cui lo si osserva, e perché ciò avvenga l’elemento luminoso è fondamentale, quindi provo un sottile amore per le trasparenze cesellate di un negativo, che si lasciano leggere solo se osservate controluce.

Altra serie interessante, almeno a mio avviso, è “Montaggi Naturali”, ottenuta trasformando in bigiotteria sassi raccolti sulle spiagge delle Isole Eolie. In questo caso si è trattato solo di saper scegliere quando di bello la natura sa assemblare, in modo del tutto spontaneo, e identificarlo come elemento decorativo, come gioiello.

A chi sono destinati i tuoi "oggetti" preziosi?

I destinatari dei miei lavori sono persone che amano le idee, più che le maniere, persone che nello scegliere una decorazione per il proprio corpo cercano, prima di tutto, una soddisfazione personale.
La gente che può amare Montagen è gente che sa guardare le cose in modo diverso, à dada.

Perchè il blog?

Ho scelto di creare un blog perché amo fotografare le mie creazioni: mi permette di mostrarle attraverso i miei occhi. Con questo strumento posso mettere in mostra Montagen e spiegarlo, allo stesso tempo.
Chiaramente sto ancora muovendo i primissimi passi, ma spero vivamente di conquistare nuovi lettori, perché ho capito solo iniziando quanto sia gratificante poter condividere quella che si ritiene una buona idea con altri.

Domanda dadaista: sei più dada pop o flux? o tutti e tre i movimenti insieme?

Beh, sono sicuramente molto poco Pop, nel modo di essere come nel modo di fare, e di questo mi dolgo sempre un pochino.
Vorrei saper vivere sul serio in modo dada, ma credo che sia impossibile per vari fattori, non ultimo il fatto che la mia testa è destinata a continuare a frullare a ritmico frenetico per sempre, senza abbandonarsi mai all’assurdo.
Forse sono più Fluxus, ma non tanto nel senso strettamente storico-artistico del termine, quanto nel fatto che sono in balia di un costante fluire, che prima o poi dovrà pur portarmi da qualche parte!

Annalisa D'Urbano
Per maggiori informazioni:

Beautiful Belly Challenge: Part 1

The amazing Melissa over at Perfect Peace has started a new series / challenge that called out to me like nobody's business.  As many of you may have remember from some past posts, I have been trying to loose weight.  My main new year's resolution was to shed the lbs and be able to love my body more.  In turn, hoping that I would be able to love myself more.  Well, Melissa's challenge goes hand in hand with this resolution of mine.  However, it's not about losing weight.  It's about loving my body, which is exactly what I need to do more of.  So what is this challenge I'm obsessing over?  Let me tell you.

The Beautiful Belly Challenge is for all women to come together as one and scream at the top of their lungs "I AM BEAUTIFUL."  It is a way for all of us to share our ideas about real beauty, and try to scrap the junk about "you have to be skinny to be beautiful" and the rest of that nonsense.

So this is what you do:

Write a post about what makes you feel beautiful, or your feelings about the world's idea of beautiful, or anything! 
Take a picture of your beautiful belly and put it on your post.
Grab the button from here and put it on your post.
Encourage your readers to do the same.
Link up here so me and everyone else can see your beautiful posts!

I can't wait to sit down and really write about what makes me feel beautiful and my struggle to finally come to peace with myself and my body.  And I promise, I'm going to be going all out for that post.  Spilling my guts and most likely tears.  I hope you all can join in and spread the news that no matter what the size label on your pants say, you are beautiful, inside and out.



White crochet snowflake sticking out pretty on the mustard yellow card from Paper-Source.

[MM6] Diners, Drive Ins & Dives

I'm obsessed with DDD.  Guy Fieri is a character and there's nothing I love more than the food network.  I've had this crazy idea to try to go to all the restaurants he has visited in San Diego for a year or so now and I'm sad to say I have only been to one.  BUT, the one I have been to is amazing and is home of the best hamburger I have ever eaten.

Hodad's is the best hamburger place in San Diego (honestly, it's better than In N Out).  It's a small shop located in Ocean Beach and is a few blocks from the beach.  The line to sit in the restaurant is usually around the corner and is full of hungry hamburger lovers.  Their burgers are big and juicy and their fries are thick and crispy.  If you don't want to wait in line, don't worry, you can order it to go.  If you are ever in San Diego and have a hankering for a small restaurant close to the beach with a great atmosphere and the best burger ever, you must go to Hodad's.  Check out this video from when Guy visited Hodad's.

I'm currently taking applications for food lovers who want to tag along on my crazy adventure.  There are plenty of other restaurants in San Diego that Guy has visited and I can't wait to try to hit them all.  

Cheers to Monday's Munchies!

BTW, It's Magical Monday on For the Love of Blogs.  Be sure to link up :)

orange slice design.

I used the cut-out orange slice again. I like its clean look on the card... hope the receiver had the same feelings, hehe.
blank card from paper-source, orange slice*magazine cut-out, "winter, fun, magic, snowflake" dollar stamp from michaels

Affezionarsi all'idea

- Signora, non si vede affatto bene, ma così, di primo acchitto, mi sembra che sia una signorina...
- ... ommioddiomioddiounabambinaommamma :-))))))))))))
- Signora però ho solo intravisto qualcosa, ha le gambine serrate, non si affezioni all'idea!

Certo, caro ginecologo, non mi sono affezionata all'idea. Quando sono salita in macchina.
Quando sono scesa è un altro discorso.

PS. Eco strutturale tra due settimane, ho già la fila di prenotazioni per vedere il CD. Che faccio, metto un biglietto e verso il ricavato nel fondo Futuro-Bambina (ops, o bambino)? 

A message from Alexis Anne

Dear Friends,
I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the new year. 

This Saturday at Swarm Gallery in Oakland is the opening reception for Bloom & Gloom, a duo exhibition with my friend Katy Horan and myself. The works I’ve created for this show are all non-figurative, a side of my work that I have always loved personally, but have not exhibited much. 

Other news: studio visits from just last weekend have been posted on Juxtapoz and The Flop Box... Follow those links to check them out. And, on January 30th, keep your eyes peeled for an illustration I made for the New York Times Sunday Magazine On Language column, utilizing football players, of all things. 

Below is the press release for Bloom & Gloom, and a couple images of my new work for the show; hope to see you Saturday!


“Milk Grass”, collage on vintage paper, 14 ½ x 12 in.


Ho Nee Yeath Taw No Row got promoted to collage today. I really was thinking about ways to float his face on top of script. I came up with all these various techniques, but each of them had faults. I ended up printing my own ink drawing on the paper and then working the collage. His face is so busy already with the tattoo, I didn't really feel the need to add too much embellishment.


[SLTS3] Blog Hop!

so loving that ...

I got to spend the day with my family yesterday to celebrate my Gma's birthday
I made my SLTS into a blog hop.  Be sure to link up
I'm back in San Diego and school is back in full swing
I'm having skinny cocktails with one of my best friends tonight
Mommy helped me shampoo my carpets today
I get to sleep on my new bedding tonight (pictures coming soon)
The cast is off (but I'm still on crutches, so not loving that)
I get to be back in the office this week and train the new interns
My very first giveaway is happening right now till Feb 8th (make sure you enter!)

what are you loving right now?
be sure to link up & share what you're loving

Eat, Drink, Be a Tourist


dark angel.

Little bit dark but I like black against the mustard yellow. I found the black wings on sale in retif and I grab them. A card for a little bit modern receiver.
blank card by Paper-Source, wings from retif

Ho Nee Yeath Taw No Row

The next thing I need is 2 fine Mohawk Indians. I need them to be somewhat true to what a native American actually looked like. I researched and found information about this fine warrior and Iroquois Sachem. They had fantastic face tattoos and I think I will use these patterns in my upcoming work on this particular vid.
Ho Nee Yeath Taw No Row

Here is his companion, Sa Ga Yeath Qua Pieth Tow, the grandfather of Joseph Brant who is quite a figure in our local history. These 2 prototypes will now go from drawings to collage.
Sa Ga Yeath Qua Pieth Tow

missing elf.

Little elf hat card I made with little fun and magic. Most favorite yellow-mustard card from paper-source and "winter/fun/magic/snowflake" dollar stamp from Michaels are the main characters of this card as well as the fairy hat from Inkastamps collage-sheets with a little blink from gold half pearl.

little red tree.

Once again a card from this last Christmas. I think I got couple more in my library so be alert for more card design;)

Music to my ears

Anthony has completed the music for my first hidef video project. I am so excited about this and I will try to express it! It's a bizarre thing to have a vision that you make visual by creating an artwork. It's another bizarre thing to have a concept, and have someone else complete your concept in another medium. There is such an inner exhilaration that I feel as I listen to the music that was composed for me for my situation on this occasion.

It's like magic. When the things that spawn in our minds become real. The power of it!!! It's like a rush, like a drug, like endorphin execution overload.

It's like a game of toss. I had the ball and passed it to him. He took it for the play, and sent it back at me.

Go listen here and share this excitement with me!

The next part is the video. Finally the moment i have been waiting for! It's this actual moment in a project that I love the most. It's when something has already taken hold, and you are already into it deep enough that you can't turn back. It's when you can't think about anything else but finishing it, or going back there, into the magical part of your own brain where these things live...even in your sleep. It's when the tingling excitement of your accomplishment is felt in your pores and in your organs and you feel it leaving you in it's own birthing. It's when it is happening that I love creation the most.

Gotta go. You know where. Back there....
I'll be back soon.