I am almost done with the first 10 pieces in this latest Mohawk Valley series. I have so far to go! At this point, I am ready to begin some work on the animations that will accompany these works. The Movies!! Eventually the animations will make their way to a hidef art film. I have been working on composing the footage piece by piece already and I have 4 DVD's --12 gig-- worth of clips to prove it. The animation projects that I have done before this were very spontaneous and driven by my thirst to learn the technology as I shared my ideas thru a project. This time, because of this past experience, I have a better handle on what I need to set up in the beginning (such as the size and dimensions of hi def imagery!)
I've been reading alot so I start this set of movies off on the right foot. Compression Decompression (Codecs) and bitrates and all kinds of crazy concepts are getting some scrutiny before I take these collage works to the next level. It's all so technical at this level.

Before the animations via computer can even begin, I will need to make some decision on the audio component. Sound! I have to have sound for this movie, especially since in my work style, the characters are strangely flat and unable to speak. I am conjuring up a very interesting collaboration with a musician friend of a friend of mine. More on this if it works out.
Another component --one which is new to me-- is the writing. I am writing poetry, prose, or maybe fairy tale stories that will compose the theme of the animation and also maybe be the lyrics for the songs that will be written. At this crossroad, I am going back and forth between 2 approaches. Words written in the present that represent my feelings and identification with the historical past. OR. Words written in the past, perhaps even in olde english, that redefine the past in our terms. I tend to lean with the first idea and even as I type this I am snarling at the second idea... It's hard to personify and identify with characters of the past --it's too much like history--probably cuz it IS history! (and i hated history in school. I pursue this type of knowledge on my own willingly now.) I know alot about how "I" feel and I was not living back then to truly own that experience.
Although these collage posts lately have been brief, there's been more thought and more effort than ever on my part to rise up to a new level of work. I am still doing watercolors to accompany me in this process. I am working harder than ever on my technical skills and trying to add more of them to each piece where possible.
I know this post is already long and wordy, but these notes are just as much for me as they are for you! Sometimes clarity is gained by working on these posts!
For awhile there, I was starting to feel like my collage work was simply head pasting...after a decade of cutting and pasting, and literally 1000's of collage works, I think I reached a saturation point and a rut in my creative procedure. You saw me drop off this year and for months I avoided collage work and embraced painting with full force. I found within myself the next challenge. For me at the juncture, this means leaning less on ephemera and more on Julie. In depicting these haunting homes and buildings of the valley, I am working to breathe as much life and emotion into the building as possible. NO leaning on people to carry the piece. The building is the focus, it's the soul of what this project is about. It's very hard to go thru boxes of ephemera and turn down practically every single piece. At this point, my collection seems outdated and inappropriate for what I am doing! I need textures and it is with these textures that I will paint my collage. It's the texture. NOT the picture. It's a crucial and drastic change for me, and I don't know where it leads. But I find myself exceedingly challenged at this point!! And I just love that.

Long lost past future

This one is a remix. I did a collage and didn't like the end result, however, I loved the internal portions of it. I tore it up, and remade it on a larger piece of paper, utilizing the saved shreds.
The premise is that these young folk lost their fathers and/or mothers thru Indian raids. They were lucky to survive.  They were the long lost past future residents of Hallsville.
Long Lost Past Future Residents

I've been fooling around on Blogger

Yes, that's right. I am so sorry Blogger, but I must admit that I am fooling around on you. We have had such a satisfying relationship and up till now, both of our needs were being met. But lately, with all this new technology tempting me, I have started to roam. Enter Tumblr. Tumblr is a blogging platform that makes it so darned easy to post, this blogger stuff seems old hat. Tumblr has a widget that parks on my browser menu bar, so that I can immediately push the button and viola! The picture is posted. No copy and pasting of's as easy as pushing a button. This same ease of use also allows me to post text quotes and it automatically links to the source!! How cool is this? I don't have to go chasing the links to share them. Forgive me blogger, I just couldn't help myself.

My first peek at a tumblr blog was the exquisite research stream of my Belgian friends, Tale of Tales. This visual format really suits my needs for my latest project. I love love love the idea of a research stream. Especially now, when I am in the gathering mode, collecting ideas, thoughts, stories, pictures and ephemera. It is helping me keep it all in one place.

My latest endeavors involve the Mohawk Valley in upstate NY. It's where I live now. After years of Adirondack imagery and exploration, I am using my creativity to delve into this oh-so-historical region for my next set of works. The cemetery next door was the catalyst. I found a fantastic redstone gravestone that borders my land that dates back to a death in 1805. I found it unbelieveable that someone settled this land over 200 years ago. Through lots of research, I have placed myself back into this time period as best as I could and as I do this, I find various themes sifting to the top.

Through this process it has been a boon to have this tumblr blog to collect it all for me. That may be why I am posting less here, but i doubt it. Please forgive my cross posting pix from here to there... These blogs have different purposes. Actually, this project has rejuvenated my collage appetite, and I am working harder than ever.

Harvest Halls

Harvest Halls

A visitor to the house

Last week, when coming home, I was welcomed by some unusuall barking, and when crossing the doorway, there he was, a big brown labrador. His name is Rocky, and he is awesome and friendly, not really much more to add than him loving cookies and unwanted food that accidenally falls on the floor.

Welcome Rocky!

Hallsville Indigo Rain

Hallsville Indigo Rain
Originally uploaded by misphit
Indigo rain.... somehow ends up looking like blue fire.

Nosslo-Grebnellaw Aniluap

Nenas Matrioska in the Wallenbergland, where the Rabbit is on the floor.

"I love to explore ideas and roles through costumes and accessories. It´s my paint. Clothes for me is wizardry with transformative powers to assist in transcending the ordinary self."

Nosslo-Grebnellaw Aniluap

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to introduce to you La Popessa, Nosslo-Grebnellaw Aniluap , alias Paulina Wallenberg an artist that exhibit in music and performance her imaginary universe.

I meet her in Rome, but she's a traveler, and maybe you could see her in Spain, in Sweden, or... in the wonderland.

So,afther read this interview, check and listen what's up when RED is IN THE HOUSE OF WHITE.

Who/what is Wallenberg? (tell me something about this music projetc)

WALLENBERG is an exchange between a collection of my songs and people that I meet with whom some kind of flame is born. I wanted to explore a simple way of working. Trial and error. At the time I was living in Rome and by accident opened a hidden door that led to a fictional world of accelerated images. A film running in fast motion. Everything was significantly strange and extremely phantasmagoric. My best friends were the sparrows in the closet and a rabbit on the floor.

In the beginning I performed in small venues and at people´s houses.I brought together elements from flea-markets and shlock-houses to create simple Mise en scènes and costumes.

The circumstances were ideal.

. What about your artistic identity?You are Wallenberg, Nosslo-Grebnellaw Aniluap and la Popessa...what's the link between this characters? and why you choose this masqueradas/belies?

Nosslo-Grebnellaw Aniluap is my name spelled backwards. For me it was very powerful to reverse my name and to have it be public. It felt like an act of erasure, a deletion of the past. It was almost like a magic spell that brought me back to zero, to default, La Popessa was the first character that emerged after that. Like with everything it takes time to get to know a new protagonist and I don´t know for how long or how important this virginal heroine will be.

. historical/geographical coordinates.

( I'd like to know better this wonderland where your inspiration come from...maybe FABLE, LEGENDS...)

In the past I have exhibited other imaginary universes like ”New Population”, a collection of robots, space aliens and cartoon like creatures that exist in a territory between portraiture, photography, orthodox icons and that recombine Western art history, fashion/folklore, as well as mass-produced objects and popular culture. I recently created a small on-line home for them at: Wallenberg uses the same sources of inspiration. I was always very fascinated by the Swedish writer Stig Dagerman science fiction poem ”Aniara” consisting of 103 cantos. It tells the tragedy of a space ship bound for mars that after an accident is ejected from the solar system and the people on board thrown into an existential struggle with each other. In my lyrics I think I have been inspired to write about outer space, places without gravity and time. Space is the perfect wasteland for the mind. It´s like a infinite piece of clay that you can give any shape.

I really like your dresses, and I think they are foundamental for your performance.You made yourself?How you define your style/look?

The style of Wallenberg evolves with almost every performance. The wardrobe plays with garments that are associated with some kind of fantasy, fairytale, or a ceremony. Anything that lends itself to dramatic interpretation. Costume play is something I have always been engaged in. I love to explore ideas and roles through costumes and accessories. It´s my paint. Clothes for me is wizardry with transformative powers to assist in transcending the ordinary self. I have created most of the costumes myself. In the last performance there was a gigantic birdhead that was fabricated by a current collaborator Leo Góngora.

.Your LOGO it's like a doll/warrior, she remembers me a SAMURAI but also a Matrioska/northen woman...and I think that "ESTHETIC"mix is also inside your music...could you tell me something about?

Wallenberg is a mixture of aesthetics with naive, childlike, dreamlike or nightmarish qualities and images that occur when you are in deep thought. Both the music and visuals are infused with the innocence and the madness of childhood. The Doll Warrior is something like a sacred femme-enfant, a commander in the Wallenberg army. Her mission is to paint the world red and white.

.RED&white have also a particoular meaning, red in the house of white, why?

In the logic of Wallenberg red and white is the perfect make-up for the world. It´s youthful, naive and innocent like a piece of candy or a barber pole. It is essential like red and white blood cells. It is also freightening like a bleeding white swan or magnificent like red rubies on shiny white gold. ”Red in the house of White” is a metaphor for being a stranger in a new landscape or situation.

. What's your favourite trak in your album, and why? (I really like TUTUgirl and rabbit on the floor!)

My favourite song to perform is Blond or Rouge which is about being lost in some kind of mysterious and obsessive love affair.

That´s why the lyrics make little sense, they come from inside the fog. My favourite lyrics are Milk, Honey, Chloride and Rabbit on the Floor…and for a beat of Eastern vibrations there are White Elephant and TuTu Baby.

. What are you listening at the moment?

As I am preparing new music I am not so actively listening to anything at the moment but so far today I have listened to yeah yeah yeahs’ zero and to Reverie by Claude Debussy and to Laurie Anderson’s new album. I guess those choices are quite indicative of my taste…I also allow myself plenty of guilty pleasures…

Annalisa D'Urbano



Grain Bin Guardian

Grain Bin Guardian

the shoes.

My wedding shoes are green. Originally, I wanted these in red... Pomposo from Stuart Weitzman - I just love the flower on it! NO CHANCE... unfortunately out of stock:-( Than we stumble upon SW brick store in Denver & Darren actually dragged me there to ask about the shoes & guess what... the white ones can be colored into any color I want, even into green if I want to. WOW! But, white ones were out of stock as well, at least in my size:-( So, I ended up with these... designing my own shoes - in my own color, style, & size of the heel. How AWESOME is that??? The color is just perfect & the good news is that I payed a lot less than what I would have pay for the SW. And, they are so comfortable! I can't wait to wear them at my wedding.

New Arrival!!!

Today, after a long day at work, I get home open the door and there in the middle of the aisle, a package to Mr Ernesto Monroy... I have always loved packages, and this one specially because it contained my new cookbook!

So to try it out I decided to make a simple yet luscious recipe and after supermarket, cooking and washing this is what we get:

Linguine al pesto genovese

The verdeict is, good, quick easy to make and  I believe a little creative, not just the old pesto and pasta, you would be surprised how better things are when you make your own pesto!


Graphite on paper,
Vacuum by Melissa Cooke.

Industrial Wasteland

Sunday, raining, windy. Perfect set up for depression. I decided to improvise a new kind of photography completely different. You see usually I would focus on beauty, but I have just found that, beauty can not be defined, and such a henious and ghastly landscape can produce dramatic and scintillating compositions!

If you have a few moments to spare, please take a peep at these set by clicking on it!

I shall aknowledge my good friend and somehow colaborator, Ian Goode. If you wish to have a different view of this fascinating scenario do not hessitate and click here to be taken to his blog!

Also! We were stopped by the police! I will soon post a description of these experience.

Thank you! Please Comment!

First Post

Hi all!

This is my first post on my own blog. I will just go straight for the photo!

Wild Fungus

I was wondering around the forest today and noticed these nice coloured fungi, I regreted not having my macro set to explore the miniscule world that lives in the woods, but perhaps next week I will. I dont know what kind of plants they are (or if they are considered as plants for that matter).



Nenas Matrioska tra i blog in gara nel concorso di H&M.

Come si dice: ogni lasciata è persa...quindi.. perchè non provarci???
Nenas Matrioska si appunta alla competizione lanciata da H&M: vote for my blog.
In verità quello che ci interessa è LA FESTA di chiusura del conocorso..
Promettiamo di mettere tutti nella lista saltafila/bevi gratis di Nenas Matrioska...DOVETE SOLO CLICCARE QUì SOTTO.
Che aspettate?

Sculpture Space CHAIRity Auction

Next Saturday (Sept. 25th) is the date for this year's Annual Sculpture Space CHAIRity Auction. As far as I am concerned, this is the arts event of the year in the greater Utica area. Lots of great art and an exciting auction! More details can be found at "" Hope to see some of you there!

Extra(NO)rdinary Party

Buoni propositi per una nuova stagione.


Settembre per me è un po' come Capodanno. Si torna a fare i buoni propositi per l'anno che verrà e si aprono i battenti alla nuova stagione.
I clubs tolgono i lucchetti alle porte di accesso, e le sale da ballo accolgono gli invitati al meglio che si può.
Dopo anni di assenza dalla capitale sono curiosa di vedere cosa offre il RED-CARPET degli outsiders della notte.
Tra le infinità di feste, scopro entusiasta, che c'è chi ha pensato di metterle tutte idealmente sotto lo stesso tetto.
Il prossimo 24 e 25 settembre Snob Roma ha organizzato la terza edizione di THIS IS ROME, che vanta la partecipazione di alcune tra le migliori crew di festaioli romani (24Carat, Afrodisia, Amigdala, Discoloosers, Exe-Cute, Female Cut, Keep It Yours, La Roboterie, Mafalda Crew, No Controles, One Love, Paris Rockin’, Soundgate).
Aspettando THIS IS ROME 010, lo scorso sabato 11 Settembre hanno iniziato a stappare le bottiglie e brindare al Brancaleone. Maestri di cerimonie gli organizzatori dell'AMIGDALA con il EXTRA (NO)ORDINARY PARTY.
Non potevamo mancare!

Mai stata all'AMIGDALA!
Ebbene sì, appena mi ritrovo davanti alla sintesi della storia di questa serata storica del panorama QUEER romano, mi meraviglio: come mai mi è sfuggita???
Il nome è geniale, anzi cerebrale!
Amigdala è infatti una parte del cervello composta da strutture interconnesse che è archivio della memoria emozionale, e analizzando l'esperienza corrente la confronta con quella passata.
L'obiettivo che la festa si propone è di "stimolare le persone a pensare ad emozionarsi".

Mi correggo.
ATTENZIONE:Extra-no-ordinay party è un evento one night, prodotto da Amigdala, Glam Night e Meat Pie, al Brancaleone (Amigdala produce e co-produce anche altri eventi tra cui Glamda al Lanificio).

Mi complimento.
Frank Sent Us, un progetto audiovisivo che propone un live set dove musica e video si complementano,attraverso un mix in tempo reale in cui i video vengono tagliati e incollati uno sopra l'altro, ripetendosi e creando un mush up esplosivo.
Nell'elettro techno room lo special guest è Supabeatz, seguito da Flavia Lazzarini(Glamnight)e Phonola(Amigdala).Nell'Indie Electro Room invece DJ Mokay.

E penso che non ci sia molto da commentare: corpi "vari" che ascoltano generi diversi, sintonizzati sullo stesso canale cerebrale: divertimento.

Mi appunto.
Per le prossime serate al RISING LOVE a Roma(nEXT:25.09.10),per osservare/ascoltare/ballare..insomma provare che questa AMIGDALA funzioni bene!

Annalisa D'Urbano

Rural Grove

Rural Grove — Original FX Camera photo

I use my Droid phone to take altered photos with FX Camera. I have been using this camera and software combination to record my research trips in the Mohawk Valley for the past 3 months. I have a hard time believing it, but my Droid 5 mp camera gives me better quality photos than my 3 - 4 year old Kodak Dual Lens. Not that the Kodak is such a great's also a 5 megapixel camera, but for some reason the Droid holds the shadows nicer. FX Camera is a cool droid app that allows you to take pix using filters that simulate polaroids and toy cameras. I luv luv luv this feature. It's kind of like having a mini portable MAX/Jitter toolbox on my phone.
The altered photos are providing me with the ultimate inspiration. The recent series of Tall House on Blaine was based on a picture I took in this manner. These photos provide take-off points for me. I use photography to alter and distort the reality. Then I feed this back into my brain and reprocess the vision with these new colors and filters. Out comes a more imaginative collage. I rely a lot on technology to help me mutate images. I am using this technique more and more lately as I use more of my imagery for composition.

Rural Grove — Watercolor
There's a little remnant of a town nearby. It's called Rural Grove. Most of the homes are tucked in lush hedgerows. There's this stark contrast between the homes that people still reside in versus the homes that are decaying and lonely. There was this one house had really excellent architectural lines...and I have used this as my next subject.

Rural Grove — Collage

Tall House On Blaine Rd — Fourth and Final

It's no secret I've been working on some watercolors lately to use in my work. It's been so crazy difficult, and I really hate to admit that but it's true. Painting is HARD for me, it's probably one of the most difficult things I have ever tried to do. My skill set seems weak in this area, and I have tried to improve and often dream of being really good at it.
It appears a tho my lifetime won't be long enough for me to achieve this goal! The amount of practice needed for me to be a great painter...well I don't think I have the time! I am already 50! HA! I worked on one piece lately that is just plain ol' kickin' my butt. The piece is called Tall House on Blaine Rd. I posted at least twice here about this particular work. I have already tried 3 times to produce a watercolor that fits the vision that I have in mind. Each time I succeed on one little portion of the painting, but the rest of the painting (pardon my bluntness) is just plain ass. It doesn't help that each time I try, I do something a bit different to experiment. I have been left feeling less than satisfied each time I have done this and my confidence level is flatlined.
I haven't said too much, but collage and I have been strangers. I have felt very mechanical about my work this year, and I have stepped back and stopped working in this medium for a few months hoping to either reset my habitual nature, or hoping for some new technique or perception to take over. Needless to say, neither of these things have happened. I started to feel further and further away from the collage medium instead. And the watercolor medium did not start to feel any more familiar in this time, either!I felt as tho my creativity and artistic nature was leaving me.
Finally this weekend I sat down and oddly enough I felt the collage mood taking over. It's been months...I was actually nervous about it. I had the 3 previously mentioned Blaine Rd. watercolors staring at me in the studio, so I decided to just wing it and try doing a collage of this piece that has eluded me time and time again. And then it happened. That magic I have been missing, that inner joy and satisfaction, that inner CHALLENGE!
Tall House on Blaine Rd. 4
I started out this collage with a watercolor of it (oh yes, didn't I mention the FOURTH try?) that I decided already went south. I didn't like the painting, didn't think I could revive it, and figured why waste this fine L'Anaquarelle paper? It became the basis of this new collage work, Tall House on Blaine Rd 4...which at long last lives up to the vision that I had in the beginning for this piece.
Honest. For me...collage is where it's at. Even if I do take breaks now and then and dabble in other media. Collage is home.


Deliciously minimal. Design by inhouse.


In preparation for my evening class, I watched again the DVD "How to Draw a Bunny" - a documentary about collagist Ray Johnson. It's a great movie! A "must see" for anyone interested in collage art. I would even be willing to loan it to anyone who might be interested. Let me know. Enjoy!

get your craft on Tuesday!


Link party also
over creative-jewish-mom!

Steven Specht Solo Show

Tucked in the canal region of Little Falls alongside the picturesque Mohawk River, the Mohawk Valley Center For the Arts provides a perfect backdrop for showcasing the collage work of Steven Specht. The gallery is a small venue. It's located in the small city of Little Falls, a small distance away from the hustle and bustle of Syracuse, Utica or Albany, but just far enough away to feel the relief of daily pressures. MVCA is run by some very passionate and supportive folks.
Supplying not just a professional gallery space for sharing creativity, they also provide a small store for continuous craft/art sales, as well as a creative curriculum of classes for the community at large. Having had my own solo show in this gallery last year, I was sure they would provide my colleague Steven with an equally dazzling display. I was not disappointed!
How do I go about writing about the work of someone for whom I have such respect? Steven and I met last year during my show at this very gallery. He had come to see my work and was quite supportive. He purchased a couple of works and we began our art-based friendship. His enthusiasm for the medium impressed me, and I found through talking with him that he was writing collage criticism. This very blog goes thru fits and starts, as any regular reader will attest, and I was happy to suggest that Steven join up here at the collage clearinghouse to post his overflow. Since this time, we have all been blessed with his commentary and the ability to share in his creativity. I have been thinking over how exciting it is to have this lively man participating here in our discourse and how thankful I am.

I have watched from a distance, as Steven joins various collage organizations, participates in several juried exhibits and shows, and grows as an artist through this experience.
It was with great pleasure that I attended his opening at the MVCA this past Sunday. The day was slightly gloomy with clouds and mist overhead, but this did not stop the bustling activity at the gallery. When I arrived, I was happy to find it was packed with people! I was immediately struck by the professional presentation. Steven did a great job in showcasing his work. The frames that he chose were perfect and I liked the effect that was had by using many frames that were similar in design. His work filled the walls nicely, and I thought that the pieces were arranged in a most pleasing manner. Some of his pieces were in floating mounts, and I thought these were especially cool.
Steven has begun to dabble in assemblage a bit, and his newest pieces in this 3d medium stood as a really nice contrast to the flatter artworks in frames. I liked these pieces, they were a nice break for the eye.
What really stuck with me was how utterly flat and perfect his work is. You could have told me these were prints of his work and I would have believed, since my eye could not detect an edge or anything even slightly askew to give away his collage secret. The edges between imagery are completely hidden, as Steven meticulously cuts out each piece and places them as carefully as he cuts them. His pieces are super tight and cohesive. The Jonathan Talbot technique that he uses to compose these works match his style perfectly and I was quite impressed with the overall effect of surrealism that was achieved in his work. This flatness, this lack of discernible layers, allows the viewer to enter the piece, and believably so. His world is so perfectly constructed, your mind easily enters it. This tight structure of work reminded me a bit of Nick Bantok's work in Griffin and Sabine.
I found particular pleasure in collages where he has used black and white engravings as his base, and then added high contrast color pieces to accentuate. The color on these really stands out and makes for a really striking effect.

It's so great this creative and enthusiastic person is living so close to me. In the past I have wanted to blame my lack of participation in the art community on my geographical location. With such an active gallery close by, and now also active collagists such as Steven living within an hour of my home, this practice is over. No more excuses! I am embracing this little pocket of artistic activity. Thanks Steven for putting on such a fantastic and inspiring display! And Thanks to Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts, for continuing to support the arts in our community!!

Reception THANK YOU!

Wow! I REALLY had a great time at the opening reception for my show at the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts in Little Falls. I am blessed to have such supportive family members, old and new friends, artists, colleagues and new acquaintances. I really appreciate everyone's effort in making the event a success and that so many came out to the reception yesterday. Thank you all!!!

how to wrap a present 100 ways... poppy.

I used the same updated paper with ladybugs from previous wrapping style just the tying is different. The paper-cups stayed and I just added an artificial poppy flower to it and a green vintage ribbon that I found in one of my moms 'treasure' boxes. Just to let you know... I don't usually go through my mother's stuff... I am just cleaning up the basement and I already found vintage glass buttons, a lot of cool ribbons, and much more useful stuff that I am gonna use later for my projects. So, it is definitely worth to clean the house or the basement in this case:)

sorry, no chocolate.

And, here they are... my invitations! Now, when everybody has their own I can show you what I spent so much time with. They are made from recycled paper (by paper-source), wrapped in floristic fabric, and nested in a box (by paper-source). The boxes  were the first thing I bought when I was thinking about my wed invitations. Everybody who was getting it in person was asking me if there is a chocolate inside! Sorry guys, just paper and couple plastic beats:-) Even my uncle was teasing me if I'm bringing a bomb, hehe. Making the invitation was a big process... a lot of frustration was in the game and a lot of paper was thrown away (recycled). But, on the end I think that it was worth all of the work and time I spent on it.

Tak toto sú naše svadobné pozvánky. Teraz Vám ich konečne možem ukázať kedže každý pozvaný obdržal tú svoju. Sú vyrobené z recyklovaného papiera (paper-source a farber-castle), zabalené vo floristickej textílii a pekne uložené v krabičke tiez od paper source. Základ bol krabička, zvyšok prišiel postupne. Každý kto dostal pozvánku osobne sa vypytoval či je to čokoláda! Ale bohužial bol to len papier a pár plastových perličiek. Dokonca moj strýko ma naťahoval či mu nesiem bombu. Vytvotiť každú pozvánku ručne bol boj... stálo ma to veľa nervov a veľa papieru bolo skonzumovaného (recyklovaného), ale na druhej strane to všetko stálo za to vytvoriť niečo originálneho.


This is not the greatest photo of this latest piece of mine. I decided to try my hand at assemblage again after finding this lovely shadow box at a garage sale. This is the "last entry" into my show at MVCA in Little Falls. Opening reception is THIS SUNDAY from 2-4:00. Hope to see you there! Enjoy (now or on Sunday ;-)

Panasonic Note

Minimal Panasonic Note Headphones Designed by: Sholz & Friends.

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3 Ring Circus of Huntington

A commission piece I did for a friend of mine. Some friends of hers recently got married and bought a house in Huntington, NY. They got married with a circus theme, and he loves music.
I get really stressed working on commission. The worry of whether or not someone will like this or not makes every ephemera choice so daunting.

how to wrap a present 100 ways... cupcake.

It's not even the present that gives me the excitement as it is the packing. Wrapping a present gives me so much pleasure! This one especially... I crumpled the paper in my hands couple times to give it a rustic tone... I love old looks. Muffin paper cups & the black praline cups are holding together by a green fabric button that is attached to the updated green wrapping paper with ladybug detail. Voala & the present is ready to be given!