love is in the air.

... and also nicely placed in a chocolate paper box from Paper-Source (the dotted paper on the 2nd pick also by Paper-Source). Soft felt heart sewed onto solid green card from Paper-Source, ribbon from Retif, love statement from Shakespeare on print paper, and brown shredded paper for nesting the card is all what you need.

Today, I am going to pick up Darren at the airport. I can't wait to see him after 3 months being separated by the Atlantic. He is going to help me out with the wedding and I sure have a lot of project for him. Wish me luck:)

PS: By the way, I finally picked my dress yesterday and right under my nose, in my little town:) It was about time... only 25 days left...

great idea

I came across this video and it is worth to share it!

get your craft on Tuesday!

Get Your Craft On Tuesday

It's time for Get Your Craft on Tuesday over at Today's Creative Blog again. Head on over and link-up! I've linked to this project.


This was my 2nd attempt to make a real NY style cheesecake with Slovak ingredients. Better, better, much better... even though my mom says she liked the 1st one more:) Some recipes were using 'tvaroh' - Slovak cottage cheese as a substitute for cream cheese. That created a typical cottage cheese taste completely different from a real cheesecake taste. It wasn't bad just more 'domestic' than exotic. I switched to a Slovak cream cheese that narrowed the taste to the NY style. The only think that made me unhappy was the sudden growth and drop of the cake while baking. It made this ugly edge but I believe the 3rd try will be 100% success. I will update you on the progress later:)

Ampersand Food Groups

 Delicious Ampersand illustrations by Dan Beckemeyer.

what Geothe says...

...makes me always think... love is hard, love is painful, love is playful, love can be shown in many ways. But, love... says Geothe... stays always with us, whether we are sacrificing everything for it or are refusing it. Geothe was a smart man...

I was always wondering what I will use this mirror hearts for that were lying in my stack for while and now I know. They are from retif and they are cool. Blank card is from paper-source and the dotted card-stock used many times before is one of the designs by Amy Butler. The citation is printed on a regular white print paper. I like how the sun reflects in the mirror hearts and I am ready to use them for more projects now. Such a waste hiding them in the dark drawer for such a long time:)

how to wrap a present 100 ways... crepe.

I wrapped a box again. It looks like a cirques to me but in a good way. Little bit of pink crepe paper here, muffin paper cups there, and a pink button holds the whole parade topping the white & green tissue paper. Looking good to me! Ready to be give away:)

3 Tries

The Chicks Along The Canal show came of pretty well. I never expect to sell much locally, since there is such a small population here in upstate NY. I was surprised to sell one piece and one of my hand bound books! In fact, I made as much in art as I did in antiques. This was really cool, but basically it was a slow show.
I didn't sell any relatives. Actually, I cringe when I look at this series. I feel like they were sell for money. Pimp art. Something I hate, and usually avoid, since what I think the public wants, is usually wrong! So stick to your intuition, I told myself. And that's where my head is at now.

I am working on watercolor pieces that I can later on expand on and create collages from. It's tedious. It's concentration busting! It's hard! But I love the challenge, and I believe that this road will lead to interesting mixed media, once I get enough of my own art in stock to work with.
I am trying to gain some discipline, by working on pieces over and over until they are what I want them to be. So far, after 3 tries on one particular scene, I can see improvement, but I can't say I have reached on paper what I can already see in my mind!

Tall house on Blaine Rd. # 1
Trying out Arches cold press. I am usually a hot press kind of girl.
Washed out work! The building poses serious problems.
Sense of value is missing.

Tall house on Blaine Rd. #2
AAAh. Hot press paper! I like it better...but it seems like an altogether different process than working on textured cold press.
I am attempting to create a vignette...a shadow around the outside. It almost worked.
These are darker some value was achieved. However, I lamely copped out to pen and ink to see if I could get a better building. Obviously this didn't work.
I was enjoying painting these trees, but now they look contrived.

Tall house on Blaine Rd. #3
Went to see Wyeth paintings at the Hyde. Upon looking at the very first painting, I realized what my work was missing...100% value! This was the first piece I did after viewing his work.
I like it better than the others.
Lost the vignette idea!
The building is still quite lame, but at least no pen and ink this time.

I want to get a very desolate feeling in this piece. So far, I am not there. I think it has to do with the placement of the objects against the paper space. I need bigger paper, so these objects can appear smaller...and more isolated. The next attempt will be on larger paper. These were on 9 x 12 Arches Hot time it will be 11 x 14 L'Anaquarelle hot press. Not sure I am ready for huge paper yet. That creates all new problems, and I really want to land this so I can move on!


Stuffed mushrooms with a lot of good stuff inside like cheese ... a lot of cheeeeeese... on a sauté eggplant. Sooo yummy! One picture would be probably enough but I couldn't decide:)

treasure found.

Truly a treasure! I found these glass buttons in my mom's old sewing box. They are probably over 20 years old and sooo pretty. They will be a perfect addition to my card creations. I just need a good idea or some inspiration:) Hopefully it will come soon... I am so ready to use these! Maybe I should update some of my shirts...

sunday breakfast.

This is how I spiced my Sunday 'morning' with a mix of sauté onion and mushrooms, eggs, chives, red paprika spice, and piece of sourdough baguette - simply called - scrambled eggs! Couple whole chives, thin cut carrots and green peppers are completing the final look. Bon Appétit!

strawberry sweet.

I brought some berries from our garden to one of my cards. Well, not really... it would be messy:) Instead, I used couple of wooden strawberries from retif (much more clean), blank mustard yellow card from paper-source, and dotted paper from Amy Butler. The Shakespeare text about love is printed on a regular print paper... "love - the more I give, the more I get"... true-true.

they came...

...and they are sooo pretty!!! But, I can't show you anything at this moment as it is a part of the wedding preparations. And because, my family is reading this as well I will reveal all the details later in September, I promise:)
yes, we are excited!

this is what I did last weekend

I decided a day before to go and... I am glad I did. It was very exciting and inspirational and... I made my own jewelry. It was a jewelry class over a weekend but not that typical beats and wire style. It was real hammering (I had to hit one of my fingers on the end), playing with fire (no burns thankfully), and having soooo much fun with different metals (they even let me use silver metal for my projects)!

I made - a love ring - that's how I named it:)... silver base and copper heart... the ring behind is solid silver and my plan is to either to put an object in the 'bowl' like a beat and fill it with acrylic resin or use some fabric or fleece to fill it out... or the other option is also to leave as it is. I am open to all your suggestions:)...

...the other silver 'bowl' ring in detail. I looks little bit like egg shell, don't you think:)...

...and another close-up ...

... made by me as well - a brass brooch...

This was my working space, everything has its place here but it wasn't that tidy afterward:)

... the other view of the working area, girls at work...

... here, I am making a half ball or 'bowl', I loved the process of making it!

...the view from the window was stunning...

Hany - our lector - is helping us out, check out her art-pieces here... of our works and last picture of the day. It was a great weekend!

wedding blue[s].

This is the card that wasn't picked out for the order but is already gone because one of my friends needed one for a wedding that he was going to. So, it wasn't made for nothing:) I used a chocolate brown box by Paper Source. I always loved different invitations in these paper boxes and all the wedding invitations I saw online look just phenomenal. Now, when all our family and friends have their invitation for the wedding I can reveal that I actually used these boxes for my own handmade invitations. I will post the pictures later for sure.
But, now back to this card in the box. I used Paper-Source cream cardstock for the base and blue designer paper from Amy Butler with floral design. I am not a big fan of blue and purple tones but I love lavender and this paper seems to be the right color choice.
The sheer peach ribbon is from Retif and the lavender collected from our garden of course. As I mentioned before, the choc brown box is from Paper-Source and I can't wait to get those in different colors and use them in my projects. The card is nicely nesting in the box on recycled paper stripes. Now, what the card needs is just few inspiring words for the bride & groom. Have a great weekend everybody and make sure to come back for new projects:)

it's a birthday card.

I made a card, actually more than one. Surprise-surprise! It was a while I played with paper if I am not counting the wedding invitations. This one was and order from a customer at one of our stores. The order was 2 birthday cards and one for a wedding. I made 6 to be able to pick. This one is one of the Birthday cards. I used paper flowers and stems from Jolee's Boutique, peach chiffon ribbon from retif, 70% recycled paper from DCWV so called Eco Stack, and blank card from Paper Source store in Boston (I made bigger reserves during my last trip to the States). This card was one of the winners!

A gallery of Long Lost Relatives

Dennis Desmond

Miss T. G. About 1893

July 6, 18XX




Frank LoPratt