how to wrap a present 100 ways... shell.

And, here I am with a new idea how to wrap a present. Again, wrinkled tissue paper is used as the base paper, a bright green dotted ribbon (found at Walmart) - wrapped around and attached by a double side tape - is holding the pink paper. I added a little piece of broken shell to the top as a finishing touch. Happy wrapping!

Tutina aderente?c'est chic&freak!

18.06.2010 Barcelona

Da coolhunters quali siamo non potevamo esimerci dal dire la nostra al riguardo delle tendenze stilistiche per l'anno che verrà.
La nostra passerella è stata il SONAR 010, e ci riteniamo soddisfatte della reazione del pubblico.
Dopo i leggings, elemento "vintage" che ormai è elemento onnipresente nel guardaroba di chiunque, quello che si prepara a spadroneggiare è SHORTS (meglio se jeans) e tutina!!!
In onore ai looks anni '90, alle stravaganze che tutti possono permettersi perchè l'intento è kitsch...ritorna il pezzo unico!
Cotone, microfibra, qualsiasi materiale va bene, l'importante è la fantasia.

check our looks and enjoy!

Jackson details

I hope Julie doesn't mind me posting some more information (I'm hoping it may inspire of at least suggest some ideas for others).

I thought I should elaborate on my recent post of the three new pieces. I am showing here some detail of the Jackson piece. Each of the pieces shown on the previous post were done on small masonite panels (6" x 6" x 3/8"). This allows me to do some "wrap-around" of the elements from the front surface of the pieces to create additional areas of interest (I hope). I hope these photos will give you a better idea of what the pieces look like. In this particular piece, I really like the way the cut-out portion of the dark green element creates what looks like a little golden cube (BTW, the Golden's iridescent gold paint was purchased for very cheaply at a garage sale!). The dark green element was a serendipitous addition to this piece. I had been doing some "punching out" of that paper to get those oblong little pieces. When I saw what the "negative space" looked like, I envisioned it working with the rest of this piece. Serendipity is one of my favorite parts of collage work. Enjoy!


Thought you might want to see some of the new works from monkeybrain:

how to wrap a present 100 ways... cartboard.

Well, for now I have only one way for you how to wrap it but I ensure you that I have couple more techniques in my inventory. In this case, I'm using a pink tissue paper (little bit wrinkled on purpose) and scrap cardboard paper. I ripped off the top layer to make the paper ribs peaking through giving the wrap an interesting look and to make it ready to go I also added 'a ribbon' from the same material. Happy wrapping!

a couple of sites

Just thought I'd pass along a couple of sites for folks interested in looking at more collage sites. I particularly like "" which features many images from multiple artists as well as short interviews with some. Through that site I found a couple of sites of individual artists whose work I particularly really like. Marty Gordon's page is sub-titled "What would Jesus glue" and is at "". I also really like Brandon Mclean's work, which can be found at "". Enjoy!

lost & found at the beach...

Look what I found at the beach... well, not the whole frame but the seashells on it:). It cost me a lot of work to make it look like this. I was searching for the right shells for couple days. The mission was simple... walking on the beach and looking for shells in same size! The outcome of couple beach walks... seashells of different sizes for couple more frames, a lot of colorful sea-glass, rusted metal wheel, rusted key, a spoon (maybe from a shipwreck), and Darren rolling eyes by all that junk that was spread out on our dining table for a while, hehe.
So, how it goes? The process is very easy and you just need couple items - wooden frame with a mirror or without (you can make a picture frame for example), hot-glue gun, and couple shells. Don't use the glue right the way. First, spread out the shells around the frame the way you want it. Than, it's time to use the gun:). Take the first shell positioned on the frame and apply a little bit of hot glue around its edge and attach it quickly back to the wood frame, one after each other. Have fun!!!

pajama jewelry #2

I had more plans with my old pajama pants... more jewelry matching the brooch in previous project. I was little bit frustrated though because all I had was a dull needle made of really soft metal. Every time, I stick it through a thicker material or more layers it bent like rubber. So, it took me quite a time and couple stabbed fingers to finished all the fabric parts. But, I managed it and I love the outcome! I might try a different color and fabric for the next piece. Maybe, I can use my underwear this time:))
Tak som toho pyžamového materiálu využila znovu... náhrdelník v rovnakom štýle ako brošnička v prvom projekte. Bola som trošku frustrovaná, kedže jediný šitcí nástroj bol tupý jak... ani neviem k čomu to mám prirovnať:) Ihla sa stále ohýbala ak som mala v ruke trošku hrubšiu časť narolovanej látky, takže som skončila s dokonale dopichanými prstami. Ale dokazalo som to dokončiť a celkom som spokojná so záverečným výsledkom! Asi vyskúšam aj iné látky a farby na další projekt. Tentokrát možno vyskúšam trebárs aj spodné prádlo:)

making a tree.

They are two ways - You take a seed, plant it into the soil, and water it. Or you make it my way. I have to admit, I stole couple of the buxus leaves from the front yard at the place where we had a rented apartment while staying in RI. Well, I was bored and the bush needed a trim anyways:)
This project was very simple. I know I always say it's simple but honestly, it is very easy. I wasn't at home in Slovakia, which means I was missing couple floral items that you can find at my house any time - like oasis... spongy foam for flower arranging. But, I found a piece of used oasis for dry flowers from previous renters in one of the kitchen cabinets. The trouble is that the dry one is harder to soak up with water. So, if you want to work on your own tree, just use the one I mentioned before (usually in dark green color but the company came up with new fun colors as well). I made a ball out of the foam using a knife. That will be the base for the buxus leaves. Look for straight piece of stick... that will be your tree trunk. The additional items you need is a flower pot, couple stones & see shells, and of course bunch of buxus leaves.
And because, I didn't have enough of the floral foam, not even the dry one, I had to improvise. I centered the stick in the pot and stuffed the pot with couple plastic bag. So much for recycling:) Than, I just covered the bags with stones and shells that I found at the beach. In your case, please use a piece of oasis that you cut in order to fit it in the pot and use as a base for the stick. Than, you just need to attach the formed oasis ball to the top of the stick (trunk) and you can start to arrange the leaves around the ball. You can also use any full bloom flowers (carnations look awesome). I hope I inspired you today a little bit. Have fun making trees!:)

the kitchen films.

Yet another great Identity by Ruiz + Company.

A day in the life of a Graphic Design Student

The book is comprised of a day in the life of 7 Graphic Design students shown through the use of 7 sections, 7 colors and 7 typefaces and comes shrink wrapped in black metallic foil. Thus must be torn to read the book and represents night transitioning into (revealing) day.

Self-initiated project by Rishi Sodha.

it's hot - it's summer!

Well, at least it should be a hot sunny summer but it looks like we are changing into a rain forest here. At least I have a hobby that keeps me busy while the sky cries out loud.

Simple card... again. The cactus is a cut out from a magazine. The sun is made with 2 pieces of punch out flowers with one of my fiscars punch. Both - cactus & the sun are attached to a white blank card with couple self-adhesive squares to give them a little bit of plasticity. A card with a summer feeling:)

After the long dry spell...

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...A small bit of water

It's been a long time since I posted any collage work. Finally, something to share. I feel rusty...and out of place in my studio seat. Used some recent watercolors in this work.

moo cow.

She is from a milk company brochure. I got her with our milk delivery in Denver, which was awesome by the way. We got fresh milk and chocolate milk directly from cows every week (the choc milk was from a cow that was fed only by chocolate, true story!). But honestly, you could taste the difference right the way. That would be one of the reasons why I would move to Denver for ever. And, this is from a person who doesn't even like the milk that much:)

But, back to the moo cow on the picture. She was on the brochure with all the info about the milk products that the company offered and so. I cut her out because she was just too cute to be trown away and I saved the pic for later... you know when the mojo is high and working:)
I used the same technique that I showed in wrap paper making. I even picked the same colors and the same wooden fabric stamp but in a different way. I just used the green paint for the background and the yellow for the dotted stamping. I added couple foam adhesive squares to the cow picture and the word sentiment from a magazine free kit to make it stand out against the color splash. Very artsy and fun to make! I usually enjoy every second when playing with paint. I guess it's the great feeling acting like a child without any rules comparing it with mud games or jumping into paddles in my shiny green rainboots when I was kid. So enjoyable:)


Wow! The 60/60 Event at the Everson Museum in Syracuse was awesome! It turned out to be a beautiful evening in Central New York -- sunny skies and warm. When we arrived at the event the excitement was palpable. We set-up quickly under the tent and had time to amble about looking at other artists' areas and watch the artists prep and begin working. There were so many good artists there and the variety of media was impressive as well (although I was the only collagist). I met some really nice people including artist Jeff Allen (he did the lacrosse player piece shown here). It was so nice having family and friends there for support too, including my wife Mary Carol, Tom's wife Debbie and daughter Leah; my sister Michele and her husband Steve and friends and colleagues Arlene, Linnea and Wayne. Thanks to all of you for your support!!! So the time that Tom and I had spent working out compositional aspects of the piece REALLY paid off (although we were still "sticking" a little bit on the final touches of the bottom left quadrant). It took us just about the full 60 minutes to get things in-place and put-down. It seems like lots of people were "intrigued" by someone doing collage (and the major element of the old photograph I think was powerful and drew people to the piece). We spent some time talking with passers-by and the finished product was especially well-received by many folks. I was VERY pleased when they announced the "People's Choice" awards to find out the Tom and I had won the prize for "Most Intriguing". Cool! Another good bit of news is that my sister Michele won the finished piece in the raffle drawing. I'm happy that I'll get to see the piece once in a while! Then we were invited to Linnea and Wayne's house for a VERY lovely evening of good wine and GREAT food! The evening was a GREAT success! I hope to take part next year as well. Enjoy!