Fluxus events in NYC!

This is such interesting stuff. And I am in NYC that week--I may have to just to to this and meet up with Cecil!! How exciting... I am tempted to go Friday Night!
The following is a clip from a post made by Cecil Touchon regarding upcoming FLUXUS events in NYC...
"Also I will be in NYC for some Fluxus performances and get-togethers around April 14-18 I think. A lot of fluxus artists will be descending on NYC for "Greetings from Daddaland:Fluxus, Mail Art and Rubber Stamps" performances and events are planned for several days. see below.

Would enjoy meeting up with anybody in NYC at that time.

1. Thursday, April 15th - Gaglione opening at Stendhal / Dada machine
Fluxus performance : Performers are : Picasso Gaglione, Darlene Dormel, Joshua Rutherford, Jessica Feinstein, Keith Buchholz, Reed Altemus, Melissa McCarthy,Ruud Janssen, Christine Tarantino,
and Mark Bloch .
The show opens at 7pm. We will perform at 8:32 sharp.

2. Friday, April 16th - Inside / Outside Fluxfest at Printed Matter

Performers ( So Far ) are :
Reed Altemus, Picasso Gaglione, Joshua Rutherford, Melissa McCarthy, Perry Garvin, Ruud Janssen, Christine Tarantino, Darlene Dormel, Warren Fry, Jennifer Zoellner, Jessica Feinstein, Mark Bloch, Keith A. Buchholz, Olchar F. Lindsann, Tomislav Butovic, and whoever else shows up to perform .
The performance is at 6 pm with the first 30 minutes inside Printed Matter.
At 6:30 we will move outside and unroll a banner that says " FLUXUS STREET THEATRE "
and begin the second part of the performance .
( Printed Matter will be featuring the release of our new series of Performance score pamphlets that evening ).

3. Friday Night, Following the Performance - 8pm
New York Correspondance School Dinner - at Katz's Deli
Spread the word !!! - a classic meeting reemerges at historic Katz's.
Let everybody know - It would be great to have as many folks there as
possible .

4. Saturday, April 17th Lectures at Stendhal - John Held Jr., Ruud Janssen,and Geert De Decker ( Stuka Fabryka ) Lecture on Mail Art, Rubber Stamp, and Fluxus .
1 pm ( tentatively ) I'm not completely sure of the time, but We'll know the lineup for sure by the time we get to New York .

5. Saturday Night - Please Mr. Postman !!!! It's Sticker Dude's
Birthday !!!
Joel Cohen (Stickerdude) hosts an evening of music and mayhem with mailartists at a coffeehouse in Brooklyn .
Details to follow in New York !!!!!!

6. Sunday Morning - The Raid on Rutgers.
For those who wish to venture out on the train.
The Post Neo Absurdists have put together an informal tour of HISTORIC FLUXUS SITES on the Campus of RUTGERS. see where the FLUXMASS really happened. And lots more.
Our hosts Olchar, Warren, and Tomislav have done all the footwork

Are you in NYC? Or near it? Perhaps it's time to decent upon the streets of NY and share some art!

happy Easter!

I'm going away for couple days and I wanted to wish you Happy Easter in advance and show you one of the idea for table decoration. This is the way how redressed one of the chicken nest we had in our store sitting for ever. Basically, you just need to add couple decorative wooden sticks (5 if I have to be specific) that are glued to the nest with a heat gun and tied on the top with a piece of tread adding more glue for a better hold. You can get the sticks in any flower store, at least here in Slovakia every flower store has it:) To hide the glue and the tread that holds the sticks you can use some orange and yellow straw ribbons. Couple rattan balls and green feathers here and there secured with a little bit of hot glue and we are good to go!
Now, I probably won't have time to enjoy blogging and telling you what's new in my little creative world for a while:). But, no worries, I'll be back in no time... on Sunday to be exactly. Darren and me are planning to visit San Francisco and we're going for a little hike at the Yosemite Park as well. I'm so trilled about the trip as I've never been to West Coast before and I just can't wait to use my camera in the streets of San Francisco!
So, wish us luck and I will let you know how all worked out later on Sunday:) Enjoy the holiday!

happy butterfly birthday to you.

I messed up one of my cards. I made two identical cards with different shades of the green base card. I used 3 paper butterflies from a free craft set in a British 'Card making' magazine, my Martha's punch to cut out cute postage stamps out of the pink paper from Martha Stewart as well, and a blank green card from Paper-Source. I had to make the base card smaller in order to fit it into the square envelopes I had and I cut the wrong side - the top connecting part. So, I had to be more inventive and fix the trouble. I had two pieces that had to be put back together some how. And, here it comes! I used a little metal brad to reunite both parts. Now, it is a sliding card and I love the design even more. I stamped the inside with one of the Martha's stamps for easier text writing. I decided to give it as a birthday card to one of my friends and added a line from the rub-ons. She loved it!:)

Shining the Spotlight on YOU...a give-away!!!

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baby power.

Now, this was a very special project for me! This card was made for baby Mathew and her mom who was my classmate at my college. It is our first baby from the school friends circle and we are very proud and happy about our first addition:) We had a little baby party in February and I made this card and also my first diaper cake ever as a present for the mom and the baby. I though it will be hard but it was fun to make it together with my friends helping out:) I got only one pic of the diaper cake from one of my friends as I forgot my camera (can you believe that!) and the cake is 'little' bit crooked on this picture from carrying it around. So, I am not really happy how I am showing you my creation:( Well, next time it will be better and I won't forget my camera (I promise!). And, I even might show you how to make your own baby diaper cake!
The material used for the card project I picked a green blank card from Paper-Source. The background paper on is designed by Jen Wilson and it's called 'my minds eye' (you could see it on my previous projects). I used Fiscars corner punch on both - the paper and the blank card. I used another Fiskars punch to cut out a circle out from one of 'The Eco Stack' papers in blue from DCWV. I found a little plastic elephant in my stack just perfectly fitting to the cut out circle. I got it at Michaels as well as the ribbons telling sweet stuff about babies like 'the little things in life'. So cute! The final product used on the card was the beautiful satin ribbon from Martha Stewart that I like! A lot! Well, there is not a product from her that I dislike:)

And, that's all from me... enjoy your day!

Moles not Molar presents Predictions in Philadelphia

Friday, April 2nd at 7:30PM

location: Wooden Shoe Books (704 South Street)
Philadelphia, PA

Moles Not Molar presents
A Book Release Event
Featuring Cara Benson, Jason & David Zuzga, Julie Sadler, Monica de la Torre,
and More!!
Animations! Readings! And Choral Performances!
For this special release event for the fourth volume in the Chain Links book series, a number of the contributors to Predictions - who range from climate scientists to animators to poets - will be presenting portions of their contributions to the collection.
About the Book:
As is painfully obvious for many a religious leader and many a psychic, predicting the future is an indeterminate business. The work collected in PREDICTIONS takes that indeterminancy as a starting point and celebrates it. A futurist points to how the question of the future, once a matter for dreamers and philosophers, has moved to the center of development and scientific agendas. Several artists, well aware that accelerating changes to the environment require that we learn quickly, suggest how art might help us to understand and to rethink the interface between old technologies and new technologies in this time of environmental crisis. A writer and a scientist team up to tell an alternate story of evolution. And a poet writes, "Predictions acquire full meaning when they apply to the, until then, unimaginable." Edited by Cara Benson, with contributors Paul Raskin, Bart Bridger Woodstrup, Julie Sadler, David Zuga, Jason Zuga, and Monica de la Torre.

I am going to be there! If you are anywhere near Philly this Friday night, let's meet up!

je t'aime.

Very simple project using less craft items. I used a pair of cute buttons that I got on sale in Micheals and 2 pink fabric flowers to back up the plastic buttons. The pink and black really stand out against the purple sisal band from Retif. I have the sisal band in 3 different colors - red, purple, and brown and I am looking forward to get more colors. They are just awesome and their structure shows just great against the papers. I used my corner punch on the light green Paper-Source card for finishing touches. I just love to be creative!

Post Animation Discussion

There's nothing like that feeling of achievement when you finally finish something that started off wonderful and ended up tedious and annoying! The animations for the Predictions show are done and I am breathing huge massive sighs of relief. At first they come easily, and I laugh and enjoy the play between me and my art, but after countless hoursof computer work, a month later I begin to tire of it and crave the freedom that collage allows me.
It's within my brain that I feel the difference. I am always well aware of what steps need to be performed to create an animation, and most of it is computer work, inputting frames, animating things, timing to music....it keeps going and going the list of commands and mouse executions I need to perform grows and expands but that's all there is. I am a fast typer and an even faster thinker so things move along, but still, after awhile it just feels tedious.
On the other hand, when i am on the collage table, I feel the freedom to look thru that magazine for just the right little piece. And if I come across something that strikes me for another project I can grab that too...or stop for a moment and read a funny little ditty I find in an 1850's newspaper while I am searching. These pleasant little distractions just don't occur in the middle of working on a computer animation. It's balls to the wall work, for both brain and body.
And so having said that, I am really glad to be done with all 6 of them. I know I am complaining a bit, but I must also be truthful and show the good. There's something hugely satisfying and powerful about being able to see your art come to life. It's as tho I can go in and complete my thoughts, and actually show you what I was thinking behind the scenes. I love that feeling, and it's that very feeling that spurs me on when my wrist starts to ache--and my eyes go fuzzy. It's the knowing that there is no end to the fantasy within me. I love that. They get pretty tedious, but I still seem to be compelled to do it!
After countless hours of work tho, in the end I have to feel justified, and the animations are kind of a dead issue so far for me, at least as far as money is concerned. How i hate it that money even comes into this equation. it's about love! it's about doing! it's about being while I am doing! but my resources =time are limited. I need to justify these things even to be able to afford to continue them all--with shows, sales, and maybe soon some teaching. I need to prioritize with such a busy life, I just have no choice.
So back to the animations, I can't share them or sell them as a product as of themselves, they are ethereal. They are aether. So I'm compiling them into a DVD now, so I can share it and sell it. I don't imagine myself ever getting rich on them specifically, but certainly this skill set of mine isn't a common one! I have done Dreamiverse, Fairies Fantasticus, 8 AEZine CDs, Stand and Deliver...I guess I have done several computer pieces that were designed to accompany artwork, but I have always had the book as a product to sell along with it. For this project, all I have is the DVD.
Such are the lamentations of a wayward collage/computer artist.
This last phase of compiling should take me just one more half day, and then I will be ready for next Friday night's performance. I have to get the details together on that, but that's for another blog post.
Happy arting this weekend ya'll!

bug's love.

These little heart and lady bugs are just too cute! They're from a little gift store in downtown Bratislava and I am really sad because I am running out and they didn't get new addition yet. Paper-Source blue card and the corner punch from Fiscars are working well together I think. I used one of the Martha Stewart punches to cut out little stamps out of the striped paper from Martha as well and the cute stamps are a great support for the little bugs together with the heart. Great bugging love:)

Ephemera auction

posted by Steven Specht:

I would really like to keep this as much of a secret as possible, but alas, I feel obligated to inform anyone of my fellow artists who might be interested...
This Saturday there will be a large auction of ephemera in Earlville, NY (beginning at 11:00). For more details, check out www.cnyauctions.com Perhaps I will see you there.

my craft corner ::storage::

I say... let's talk about storage today. Quite interesting topic especially for me as I am always searching for possible storage solutions for my growing craft supplies. Here, I have couple close ups of storage ideas from my craft room.Tools like scissors found their place in tin buckets I got in retif. Great place that retif. I found whole world in there:)
I had this pretty wooden box from hyacinth bulbs. The bulbs are planted out in the garden and the box is well used for different bottles with secret contents.
I love baskets - small or big, old or new, different shape it doesn't really matter. This one is well used for my 'antique' wood print letters. They had a sad past as they were used for printing last words on ribbons for funeral wreaths and bouquets. Now, they can expect more positive future:)These wooden shelves are from little note cards that we were selling in our stores before. They stopped to produce the little cards and the boxes stayed unused until now. They make a great stamp display. It looks like I will need more shelves soon though:)

time for recycling... again.

Surprise, surprise - I didn't use the corner punch as you can see. Just tree items are needed for this card project. A blank paper - I am using the recycled card from Micheals. A fruit net - this time in red. Chicken wire - used for floral purposes and it is in gold color. I used this concept of the chicken wire and the fruit mesh couple times before like here, here, here, or here. Wow, I didn't know I used it that many times! But, I have to tell you - the heart is really easy to make and it looks just fabulous. So, I just heated up the glue gun and added little bit of the hot glue to the back side of the made mesh heart and attached it to the card. And, we are all done and ready to show our love!

See you next:)

Free Design eBooks

Arbent's giving out free ebooks. click here to browse their selection.

Simon Page

Self taught British Graphic Designer Simon Page. His main passions are typography, art, illustration and geometric design (with a mathematics background, it's no surprise!). He also won Digital Artist of 2009 Award.

Interesting interview at Grain Edit. Click here to read it.

great weekend in Colorado.

Saturday...sleeping in, having a late breakfast, and catching a train to Denver in the afternoon...
...'Comedy works' night out in Denver downtown to see Dave Attell... ready for a cocktail perhaps?
... and here is Denver streets at night...
Sunday...Home show on Sunday was fun as you can see...
...little bit of dog's training show. They were too quick for me and my camera...
... I spotted couple flower displays as well...
...and more flower design...
...I felt in love with the furniture from Room&Board at the fair...
...and this mustard leather couch in retro style is just a bargain and goes so well with the chair. I definitely want to have both in my living room...
...some wedding deco in my favorite color. So, beautiful and elegant! The only thing I am concerned about are the over-sized cakes for each guest:) Is that for real?......Alpaca is going to be one of my pets I'll have later for sure. So fluffy! I just want to hug them...... after the fair we decided to go to Boulder to see a tea tour... the mountains on the way were just beautiful!......welcome sign to the Celestial Seasonings tea factory!..
... Darren is thirsty for the tea tour:)......the tickets are for free and in the form of a tea sample for later to drink:)...
...inside the tea tasting room waiting for the tour, admiring teapots in different shape and size, and ...
... tasting different samples of teas... so delicious!...
...the history wall of the Celestial Seasonings...
...what a beautiful day to be outside......streets of Boulder... you just have to love it!......awesome brick building with high sealing inside... Urban Outfitters moved in and I am jealous!......great meal at the Cheesecake Factory... we were rolling on the way back to the car:)...
..and the last shot of the day, little bit blurry but the frog is still visible... Pearl Street Mall... reminds me on Church street in Burlington, VT... See ya later!