one of the romantic ones.

This is one of the sweet cards with a lot of flowers and pinkish colors. As a child I was into having everything in pink a lot - my barbie accessories, my clothes, and even my furniture had to be in pink tones. Pink toys - sure - every girl has at least one, pink furniture - why not but clothes in different shades of pink - not good! Well, at least not for me as my head was crowned with long bright RED hair! Now, my hair decided wisely to be couple tones darker and thankfully my color taste changed too. Green is my color choice now! Maybe, I'm not a big fan of pink stuff anymore but sometimes it's the right color choice for babies and Valentines day. So, I decided to combined little Lucy's color memory with the color of grown up Lucy:) Pink meets green! You two just look wonderful together, hehe.

Rose and the felt heart is from curel where we shop for flowers a lot and other necessary thinks for life like cute colored bunnies made of wood or satin ribbon of every possible color. You know all that important stuff we need to survive and fill our crafty heart:) The ribbon is my favorite (my favorite color as well) and from making-memories. Paper is from 'I don't know the source anymore as I throw away the cover' company. The only thing I remember is that it was from a set of small square papers, oh well:) I used decorative scissors to cut the paper edge and the green blank card is from Paper-Source. Little bit of adhesive and voala! Surprisingly, I didn't use the corner punch this time! I must forget it or was to tired to look for it in my mess:)

Well, enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you next!

a card full of love.

Green blank card is from Paper-Source. As I said my stash is getting really small and after this card even smaller:) I used my Fiskars corner punch to round the edges of the card and Fiskars circle punch to cut out the circle out of my minds eye paper designed by Jen Wilson - very pretty cardstock. The felt heart and the purple sisal band are from Retif of course:) The last thing used on this project was a black market to write simply... love...

I hope you had a great start of the weekend. We had 13 degrees today, which is awesome by the way:) See you later!


source from beadindaily

Do you want to personalize your note book? I found the perfect video for you. This simple needlepoint tutorial from Craftstylish shows you how to make one. Here it goes...

Les Queues de Sardines

Incredibly cute and creative stockings by Les Queues de Sardines
they have a couple of collections that are totally worth checking out. 
Unfortunately, no stores in North America, only Europe. They're screen printed by hand, and are limited run, so if you want a pair of these 
for yourself or even as a gift, they are a sure way to dress up your 
legs and get noticed!
I personally love the "Pieces de Boucherie" in Opaque (top picture).

Hello from Planet Susannia

Collage by Susanna Lakner
Collage is the noble conquest of the irrational, the coupling of two realities, irreconcilable in appearance, upon a plane which apparently does not suit them.
Max Ernst
Was ist eine Collage? Die systematische Ausbeutung des zuffälligen oder künstlich provozierten Zusammentreffens von zwei oder mehr wesensfremden Realitäten auf einer augenscheinlich ungeeignete Ebene.
Max Ernst

Greetings! It's Friday and I am kinda nervous and jumpy today after receiving 3+ feet of snow in 3 days. It's like an infinite canvas, stretching across meadow and forest. I wish I could paint across it all in a large swash.
Fluxus, Dada, these wonderful art movements both played a part in elevating the status and popularity of collage. When first discovering collage over 10 years ago, I fell in love with these European works, and Hannah Hoch was my idol. I came to learn about mailart rather late in the scale of things, and altho I have sent out a few projects and participated in a few mailart calls, I really have not embraced that art scene as much as I could. There are a lot of Fluxus groups and they are constantly posting intellectual works that are stimulating and innovative.
Today I share with you mailart sweetness from across the pond in Germany. I received an email today from Planet Susannia. As soon as I saw the name in the email, I was excited. I have heard of Susanna Lakner in mailart circles and here she was sharing her collage blogs with me. I am tickled to death that she wrote me--honored even.
Of course, there was nothing I could do but share this all with you.
Her first blog, Planet Susannia, is a terrific digital accounting of her mailart correspondence sprinkled with random collage work. I loved looking thru these pages and spent some time peeking around.
I love the spontaneousness of mail art. I fixate and fantasize about the postal workers and their reaction to a breath of fresh art in the mail.

She started a new blog recently...entitled I am sure this will also become a colorful box of treasures to peer into when in need of a break from daily visual boredom.
Thanks Susanna for the heads up on your blogs! I am sure to stop by now and then to visit.


Spring is in the air! The snow is melting and the air feels so much warmer. Isn't it great when you have more daylight for your crafting? It is just wonderful!
My card is... again... really simple:) As you know I enjoy simplicity...simple is beautiful...3 simple butterflies on a simple green paper is beautiful, hehe. Paper butterflies are from a craft set (free gift in a British 'Card making' magazine). I used one of my Martha's punches that make cute postage stamps. I got a pink striped paper from 'Martha' as well and I punched out the little stamps out of it. The blank green card is from Paper-Source - they have great cardstock. I need to make new reserves when I go to the States because my P-S blank card stash is getting smaller:( And, I can't forget to mention another tool I used - my beloved round corner punch of course.
Have a peaceful evening everybody! Mine is peaceful just now as my dog found the perfect position (after hundred turns) and is finally sleeping next to me on the couch. And you know what? Tomorrow is friday and that means we are only one day away from the WEEKEND!

Zach Johnsen

A couple of great illustrations by Zach Johnsen, an Illustrator, Art director and Graphic Designer based in Portland, Oregan. Most of his work is pen & ink, water color and mixed works on paper. I absolutely love the tension in his drawings.

Zach focuses on the more ignored side of life – on the sides of people and places that visitors rarely see. In Zach’s world, most of the people have obvious human/animal hybrids that can’t be hidden.  The corrupt politican is a hideous beast wielding an ax and smoking a cigar.  The hollywood actress is a washed-up, half rat w/ open sores surrounded by a mob of rabid birds.  The family portrait is a gaggle of jellydrop characters and mutated fish creatures.  

Kristina Kiselyte

I know. It's been awhile since I posted anyone else's work on this blog. The energy to do so thru these past few months of surgery and healing was just not there. But as I climb back into my busy reality, I find gems along the way that scream out--Share me!
Today I stumbled upon Kristina Kiselyte. She's a collage artist that recently graduated from University of the Arts Camberwell in 2009 (UK).
Truly, I was not looking for collage, but instead for more information on my Lithuanian folk project. Kristina did a small series of interpretation of a fairy tale I am studying. I liked her stuff so much, I probed deeper and found even more delights.

These fascinating letter collages really tripped my trigger. Black and white is so rich. Her work with type is really inspiring.

This wonderful piece, makes me think of the serpent king in the story. I love the portions that are drawn, and then the addition of minimalist collage pieces. Nice.
There really wasn't a lot to see, but the work that I have seen is terrific.
Her website is here but I am following her blog here.

2 hearts beat as 1.

Simple cards are the best! Like this one:) Blank card, square cut out of any paper you like (my pick was Designer Paper by Amy Butler from K&company), red marker for the lines, and 2 red wooden hearts attached to it. The mission completed! Perfect when you need something simple and really quickly, hehe.

love grows on the trees.

One of my favorite projects! The cut out tree from Jolee's by you, 3 little hearts that I got in a little gift store in downtown Bratislava, and a green blank card from a gift pack bought on sale at Micheals. Little bit of glue puts all together. Very simple and quick design, yet very effective:)

Oh, and I always forget to mention the corner punch I used, hehe.

Instruction Manual for Tree Isolation Unit-Animation

I am working on animating the Prediction pieces for a live performance in Philadelphia on April 2. The details are still being worked out for the show, but in the meanwhile, I got to work this weekend, and finished up the first of 6 collage animations.
It's a bizarre process. I scan in the completed work. I open it in Photoshop and use the pen tool to isolate various portions of interest. I save all these as individual .png files. Next, it's off to Flash for animation. I import all the little tidbits and begin mixing them. It's the most fun part of all, watching everything come alive. Finally, I pair up sounds with the objects, and of course now I am usually brimful with the pleasure of creation. You get another dimension of the artwork...Welcome to the inside of my head....

decoupage heart.

I used decoupage technique on this project. I found very cute paper napkins in Retif with different heart motives just made for Valentines day. I decides to use it for a decoupage project rather than to use it for table setting. They are just to pretty to be used on your mouth:)

I used a scrap yellow cardstock as a base for the cut out motive of the red heart I picked. I applied a little bit of paper glue with a brush on the piece of the cardstock and stick the heart picture to it. I added a generous layer of paper glue onto the decoupaging item and used the brush to push out any wrinkles and excess glue. Red dotted paper is from Paper-Source as well as the green blank card. I used my Fiscars embossing tools for the frame around the red paper and decoupage heart. I also stamped the edges with clear stamp ink, sprinkled it with white embossing powder, and melt it with a heat gun. Little paper rose is a cherry on the top and using corner punch is a must:)
So, Happy belated Valentine's day!

i heart you.

4 things you need. Scissors, piece of red felt, black marker, and recycled blank card. Very simple. No words needed. The card says it all.

someone special heart.

My first Valentines card, one of many as I made couple for our flower stores. The white heart is out of air-drying ceramic clay and I actually made like 20 of them:) I used metal cutter for baking to cut out the heart shapes. Before I left it in the air to dry, I punched two holes with a plastic straw for the ribbon from Retif. Originally, the clay was ugly brown and I rather painted it with white acrylic paint and used a water based varnish for finishing touches. The gloss gave the heart a sparkle. The 'someone special' banner is from a card kit that was a gift in a British 'Card making' magazine. I used little metal brads to make a little sign out of it. The red card is from Shizen Design in US imported from India. The paper is 100% recycled from post consumer waste and each card is embossed with flowers and branches. I love the embossing and the fact that the paper is recycled! I also had the opportunity to use my hole punch making two holes for the ribbon.The inside of the card is covered with sheer paper for easier writing as the embossing is also inside of the card.

Enjoy your weekend! Mine will be a working one:) Going to shop in Retif!!!


but I want it nonetheless!

Atelier Müesli

beautiful clean identity work by 
Atelier Müesli.


I am back! The last week was a little bit busy for us at the flower stores as we had Valentine's day on Sunday. But now, I hope I 'll found little bit more time for more important things like paying attention to my virtual crafty corner and write about all the staff I did the previous week. Good news is that I show you my last Christmas card last week that I did in December and I will no more annoy u with little felt trees or plastic stars:) How great is that??? This topic switching might also help to push the cold-cold winter away, well at least in my mind. It's feeling like it goes forever and I can't wait for spring to come and feel the warm breeze on my cheeks again, wearing only light sweater and putting away all those winter boots into the closet. I can't wait!
Right now, I am trying to take better pictures. And, I have a big help. Something is different & I hope it's also visible, visible on my pictures. YES, I have a new camera!!! The picture above was taken by my old camera to show you my new baby. It was a total surprise from Darren on Christmas. And what a surprise it was, I didn't expect it at all. I have now a new toy to play with & hopefully my old camera won't be too jealous. But, I am afraid she will be & she has a good reason. Look at this body! The only thing or actually couple things I need is a new lens, extra battery pack, and external flash, and... definitely more stuff I can't think of at this moment:) Right now I am using my old good lenses and enjoying 20 more buttons on my new camera, which I have to look up in the manual eventually. I am little bit like Alice in Wonderland as I am finding new functions on my new friend every day. I hate manuals but I have to read it this time carefully as this camera is 'little bit' more complicated:). But, I am definitely in love!!! Big, big love! You know, all that hugging and kisses this camera deserves you dont' even know:) I am getting little bit crazy but for a good reason:)
Have a great week and expect better pictures... hopefully!


A couple of years ago, I was approached by Cara Benson about participating in a project called Predictions. She invited me to participate a book that would require me to search my soul for feelings about our future here on Planet Earth. I have a deep love for forests, and I see them dwindling and slowly disappearing. I allowed my imagination to go wild on the topic and after much thought, I ended up thinking of a day when trees only appeared in tended gardens. It would be a time where our atmosphere would have degraded to such a degree that perhaps we would even have to contain, and therefore sustain vegetation.
Using collage as my medium, (*of course*) I tackled the subject and came up with 6 different ways of depicting this concept.
I probably posted them here while I was working on them, but here's a reminder of what they looked like.
Liquidation Detector
Liquidation Detector
Mixed Media Collage on L'Anaquarelle
12 x 9
Vintage photo frame, snips from Emigre type catalog promoting the font Puzzler, wrapping paper, rice pasta bag, poster from religious mailer, marbled floral wrap, vintage atlas, instrument keys from vintage instrument catalog Tone Topics Issue 14

Operation Manual for Tree Isolation Unit
Operation Manual for Tree Isolation Unit
12 x 9 on L'Anaquarelle
pen and ink, tissue paper label, Vintage The Vermonter cover, Chinese Calendar box, automotive poster, medical book, popular mechanics cuts, Kirsch drapery brochure

Some time has passed since I did these pieces, and now the book has been published and even reviewed by the Brooklyn Rail.
I can't resist posting an excerpt here>
"If “Global futures cannot be predicted due to three types of indeterminacy—ignorance, surprise and volition,” then it is necessary to begin with hypothetical scenarios. Who better to work with such scenarios than professional visionaries who creatively tinker elusive material into potent realities?...
...We cannot imagine falsely and Julie Sadler imagines images of things like a “Harmonic Human Invasion Instrument” and a “Landscape Containment Unit.” These gorgeously reproduced collages combine vintage instruments with barren trees and wrappers in a meld of alchemical layout. They are blueprints for the fusing of a malleable past into an elastic future."

The book turned out to be quite cool. You can purchase it here.

Hedi Slimane

I've just discovered Hedi Slimane, and I am totally addicted to his diary. He's a french fashion designer who's designed for YSL and Gucci. He's also the guy who did Lady Gaga's Fame Monster Album photography. Above are only a few of the thousands he's got up on his site. Check it out here, its absolutely stunning. This kind of photography really makes me want to go and buy a DSLR.