Surreal Assemblages of Maissa Toulet

I can't recall how I stumbled upon these luscious pictorials! These are the coolest and most trés modern little pieces of art I have seen in awhile. They really speak to me. They are refreshingly different.

Her use of materials is ingenious.

You can find more of her intense artwork here on her elegant website.

TWICE as free!

This sounds like such a cool and non-commercial idea!!!!! It's kind of a localized thing but I felt it was worthy of posting.

as Paper Kite Press Studio & Gallery Celebrates Their Second Anniversary

August of 2009 will mark the Second Anniversary of Paper Kite Press Studio & Gallery at its current location on Main Street in Kingston. Last year we had the crazy idea to give away all of the art on exhibit in August. It was such a HUGE hit, this year we're making the art twice as free.

All works on display for the August Anniversary show will be FREE (limit one piece per household). All we ask is that you genuinely WANT the piece you decide to own. Yes, free. No catch, no strings, no tricky marketing gimmicks. Like it, and you own it. Period. This is our way of saying "thank you" to the community that has supported us, and, our way of supporting a community that continues to say "thank you" to us for bringing the arts to Main Street.

First, we are asking ANY artists who are interested in being considered for a solo or group show during the 11 months after August to submit their portfolio, representative work, slides, or CD of images for consideration along with ONE display-ready piece. The display-ready pieces will be hung during the month of August, and will be available to anyone who wants it for FREE. Selections for solo or group shows for the next exhibition cycle will be made by the end of August. All future shows will be by artists who support our philosophy of giving back to the community by donating a piece of art to August Anniversary Shows. Second, we are asking ALL artists (or owners of art) to consider donating a display-ready piece of art to be given away at this event, even if you have no interest in being considered for a solo or group show at this time. Any and all artists who would like to share in this opportunity to give back to the community are invited to bring one to three pieces of work to the Gallery on Sunday August 16th between noon and 5pm. The exhibit opening will be held on Friday, August 21st, and is free and open to the public to attend. Visitors to the opening who are interested in a particular piece of art are asked to return on Sunday August 23rd at noon to claim the work. All art will be displayed during the month of August, and will be available to anyone who wants it for FREE. Last year, 55 pieces of art (all that were donated) were given away to happy homes.

Artists who are able to bring their work in person for drop off on Sunday August 16th will be given the opportunity to participate in an invitation-only group show that is scheduled for July of 2010. The unique nature of this event is such that it requires your presence on Sunday to make a selection and take that selection with you.

For details on how to donate art, how to have your work considered for a future show, or other ways you can help support our initiative to give back to the community, please contact one of us:

Jennifer Hill Dan Waber
David Hage, Gallery Coordinator,
443 Main Street Kingston, PA 18704, USA,

The Trouble Maker Campaign

Designed by HanTang Communications Group for Quzhou Seezo Trading. Love the tagline "Such tragedy could have been easily avoided".

"Wptt Contraceptive (a brand name) hopes to create a new packaging of novelty and visual impact. The objective is to emphasize the high contraceptive effectiveness of the products by indicating the painful consequences of having sex without a condom. More than 100,000 people have used the condoms and the sales increased by 21%."*

*information provided by

Suck UK: Digit Message Tape

I'm an addict when it comes to online subscriptions, one of which I was starting to get annoyed with because nothing ever appealed to me and decided to unsubscribe to. As I was doing this, I for once found something. Digital Message Tape. It retails for 10$ and is totally worth it since the pen comes with the tape. 

Using the included pen, you can "black out" the full alphabet plus digits, all in stylish digital type. 

Cool huh?

instant droolage.

I'm working on some promotional banners and posters for work and while doing some research this baby popped up in my google search. Instant droolage. I believe these were made by a university with a limited print of 100. As you can see, it's from last year and do I ever wish I could've got my hands on one. I'm super obsessed with red type.

Republica Dominicana.

So sorry I have been horrible at keeping my blog up-to-date. Mind you, I have one hell of a great excuse. I was toasting under the hot sun down south. My brain really needed a break from, well, everything here in Montreal. It didn't hit me how stressful this city was until I was lying on a beach doing absolutely nothing.

Well, now that I'm back, I'll get back into the swing of things. Keep your eyes and hearts open.